drawing | grass

my son could tell a story or two on grass... ☻ while i'm glad the green is shooting upwards again. goodbye moss! as it is for me, the grass is greener on another side this weekend, stopping me from participating with anything more than a déjeuner-sur-l'herbe. this is my old brussels' 'hood, aw. veronica's grass meeting this weekend. more sunny brussels here.


  1. Waversesteenweg;the colors are great, afgietselwerkplaats; stunning, wouldn't mind this one on my wall,the lines, the windows, the space, autoworld; had to smile finding that plane.
    beautiful work.

    bon appétit my dear, xx

  2. Gosh that's a lovely park, and look at all those people soaking up the spring sunshine! That's what I wish we could be doing, but it's raining this weekend. Oh well, it's filing personal taxes time anyway. But I'd mush rather be walking there! X

  3. My girls could join in with your son, Nadine, but I don't want to know! I'd rather be lazing on the grass in your photo.
    Happy weekend in the greener grass. xo C

  4. lovely place to be.....
    in the shade of the trees
    on green grass

  5. Nice place and found too: "le déjeuner...". Do we need more..:)

  6. Le déjeuner avec toi, dear Nadeschda.
    Grass makes me sleepy... I prefer lazing on it ;-) In summer we all together with Carole!

    Best to your smart son.
    Ariane xo

  7. wat een fantastische plek!!!
    zie, ik moet toch nog eens naar jou toe ;^))
    maar die eerste zin.... haha!

    tot snel

  8. we have moss all year round here, in the dark corners of our cobbled alleys - an indication of the (terrible) humidity level!

  9. nice enough place to do some relaxing.

  10. what a lovely park :)

  11. It's the sort of scene that at first I feel I have experienced somewhere in dream. Then I look again and no, it's not familiar, not even in dreamtime. But I know that if I were ever there I would forever include it in dreamtime. So lovely.

  12. i would love to take a book with me and read, here. such a restful looking place.