drawing | coat

i collaged a coat here, in november 2014, labeled rara avis. too funny, but thought i could mention it. today i will continue experimenting on a lick of paint or a coat of colour {my walls could do with a new coat of paint too}. 
i've been staring down vimeo and youtube films on braying paint all over: mono, stencil, screen, stamp, collagraph, ... you name it! 
and last night i leafed through the few printing books i own. which brought me to 'leaf'. {good to feel the green, green morning grass of home 'tween my toes}. and print. and experimenting on the oldest print application on earth, possibly. patrice's coats this weekend. 


  1. ah yes, your rara avis posting, a good one - as always...
    I imagine you as a person wearing lots of coats and under each one there is a suprise, like a neverending wonder box.
    "look what I have here and there and..." and for sure there is a fresh green springtime coat, too!
    x Stefanie

  2. Nice post. And of course the first coat ever must have been a leaf:)

  3. ah, now i remember your coat!

    i like this post:
    green my favorite color
    you in the garden ;^))
    the printing
    the outcome!!
    hmmm..... NICE!


  4. i'm so into green too at the moment.
    driving along the new fresh green roads makes me so immensely content, a leafy green room, the idea dear Nadine...i notice a little person getting a llttle high in there too :)
    sap green, fine and beautiful xx

    i missed your rara avis in november,

  5. Yes, I remember you coat and I still think it would be fun to wear.
    Green, green glorious green! See you later...... you've inspired me to grab some leaves and green paint....... bye. xo

  6. lover-ly pics, lovely prints. lovely petits pied - c'est qui en train de traverser ce champs vert printanier?

  7. these coats of green make such beautiful prints!

  8. Til later, Hon. I think I have missed your coat at rara avis... oh , and it is tomorrow already!
    Hugs and kisses

  9. Yes your older post fits perfect the coat theme and a good one I would say. And short after talking about print making you start over and with what results - very nice those leaf prints. I'm curious what comes next!
    barbara bee

  10. a coat of color, I can definitely relate to that one (though your coat from 2014 is perfect too). and when it comes in green, I am in! it is the green from my bathroom and guest restroom btw., and it always makes me feel refreshed and safe equally. thank you for sharing the creative process, on top. guess what I will be trying over the next days ;-) xo a.

  11. Love those prints! It's been ages since I played with printing some nature things. Chloe just did some printing with her children class using gelatin and fern leaves. I must ask her how she did that, such beautiful results. Your prints would make fantastic fabric prints Nadine, for something lovely and spring time. :D

  12. Very clever. It inspired me. Thank you!!!

  13. i saw somewhere a printing technique called something like "leaf pressing" which looked interesting (I archived it in my memory for far-future use)

  14. WOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!! I love this!!!!!! What you did makes me so happy. I love this!!!!!!!

  15. How lovely .... so good to hear form you at my neglected Blog.. warm thanks.

    I want to share this at my Homage to the Seed page on Facebook!