corner view ≈ mix and match

i don't think there's a better match for me than mixing it. i do believe i rather think in bits and pieces than i look for an overview. 

that is why i started quilting in the nineties. the smaller the bits, the likelier i'll mix and match them up in somewhat bigger pieces. 
i prefer building up to a larger piece. a foot stool, e.g. that still sits quasi naked in a corner of my studio. 
with reluctance i am pulling embroidery bits and pieces through the scan this morning. 
hopefully i gear into stitching mode before long. 
jane's corner view, francesca's theme. 


  1. Wonderful embroidery work! I love the Japanese lady!
    and the way many different women are arranged from different time and places. Maybe like us, we are all in different countries, though in the same time period, we all mix and match up together here:)
    Yes, that this is a very n♥ theme, you really make exquisite mixes, you are not to be matched!!♥♡

  2. i'm just thinking of taking up quilting - to mix and match my own small scraps!
    (love the mixed & matched logo)

  3. love this embroidery mix and match ... it looks really good all together :)

  4. oh yes. mix and match is just you! i'm jealous of all your needlepoints! xo

  5. These are all so wonderful! In the spirit of mixing and matching I read this again backwards :)

  6. to bathe in colors, such a luxurious feeling.
    i remember that other stool you made, it was super.
    your tiny woolf up there is beautiful, xx

  7. Take a bit of this and a bit of that and Nadine creates magical compositions!
    Love this all, every bit of it!

  8. A bit oldschool for me, I'm afraid. But I like the collages you have made.