drawing | pink horse {trying}

what with entering another online, virtual community, the risk of not seeing the wood for the trees is imminent. i've actually gone and bought a smart phone to connect to the world this summer, as i travel, and of course now : distracted by its tinsel. 

booklet experiment
 so i'll admit i'm presently gaining ground on candy crush (old skool, am i?) when i need easy diversion. and i am posting on instagram. but wait a minute. i'm now neglecting blogger and my reading list, i am losing facebook chitter-chatter, and i'm forgetting pinterest...

 as i sit typing my eye rests on a drawing for the exhibition. a pigeon loft not even half way through. it's not being raised as a question, but how does anyone get any work done when having to show up in this many communities... honestly

concurrently a quote pops through my sugar crushing mind: keep calm and industrious and get on with it all. and just maybe {not} induce a tiny pink horse along the way. norma's DC this weekend, and have a jolly one. do not forget to breathe, and keep on. ♥


  1. So true! HOW does one catch up? Keep track? Remember? One barely has time to go to the bathroom, what with all of this juggling going on...we're all just flyin' by the seat of our pants I think. Luckily, love drives it all so we take a rest, catch our breath, and we are not left behind permanently, our mates wait for us, encourage us, welcome us...back.
    I enjoyed your post Nadine, and it's funny because when I got to the plastic animals I found myself searching for a pink horse and so you KNOW I was invested! Night, love N, xo and thanks so much for playing along with me this week.

  2. ha ha, white goose, a hen and a rabbit, black bulls (better than red bull...)and an elk - a pity that you don't find a horse! but what do you think about methamorphose? you could arrange a meeting between a white hen and a black bull. perhaps some time later you can pick out a pink horse... oh please try it! I'm full of hope!
    :-) mano

  3. i do see a moose ;-)
    yes, how do people get anything done.....

  4. I breathe, dearest Nadeschda,
    in and out: candy crush? Luisa, my eldest, try to get me on this, but I resist. FB, IG and P... and of course, B... B!, B needs my full attention hahahah (hysteric).
    Your pigeon loft is wonderful already! and what's inside of that tiny booklet?

    Ja, we keep blogging! I wanna tell more stories again. For the begin just short ones.
    You have written a long letter on my last post, thank you! Thank you for your thoughts! And: I have to admit, that because I luckily know your voice, I read your words in an undertone with that sweet british accent (in my ears). Makes me smile.

    Ariane. Rose

  5. I love these images of your creations. The eye expecially! And who cannot be inspired by tiny toys! Oh how I love tiny toys!!

  6. CC: OMG!
    Continue doing more creative things, please.