calling you

finding balance is a cause well worth aiming for, as we work and relax, while we eat and drink, when we decide to do nothing at all and hopefully fall prone to boredom. don't you just love being bored? great things happen when we're bored : nothing-at-all!

a blank pocket of time can save our lives. when in the luxury of not knowing what to do {yes, luxury!}, we tune into a zone of well being too, because we let our mind wander, we may not {try to} control for once, and we may start breathing again. 

i'm having trouble with my neck, my non-dominant wrist and now my back. it seems to me i am building up stress as i go along and i'm trying to figure out what it is that sets me back, all while entertaining the luxury of having both work tension and down time to relax.

while fully conscious of the above and cautious about the interaction between my body and the workings of my mind, the balance seems to tip rather unfavourably towards physical disharmony, which i don't understand. i mean, i feel okay. my body expresses differently.  

 do you experience similar instabilities, i wonder? how do you go about them? to get me out of static poses while drawing e.g., or tapping the keyboard for too long, i am using a 25' timer. do you have useful tips and tricks to disconnect from work tension? glad to hear it! ♥


  1. Really sorry, Nadine! I know it sounds trite, but have you tried yoga? Ages ago I went to yoga classes, and although it didn't really help my soul much, it did help with posture and back problems! I always intended to go back, but never had the time. If you like it, and get in the habit of doing it, you may be able to do a few relaxing and stretching postures during work breaks.

    1. francesca, hi! i have intermittently done yoga and am on a giving-up trail right now. mhmmm, bummer... i look for a group nearby and it's just not so easy, and the self discipline to do so at home is just a lot more demanding, since i apply self discipline on many tasks these days and i go gently mad. the stretching bits i do, and these exercises do feel beneficial.
      i guess i also need to pay attention to not getting stressed out...
      thxs for the advice, francesca! n♥

  2. Yoga and meditation help me, when I can find the time to do them :-(

    1. thank you, heather, for stopping by and offering me a few helpful tips! as mentioned above, the group yoga is a bit difficult in these areas. meditation... mhmmmmm. i do think it happens as i draw. i lose myself in the repetitive action and it feels absolutely balancing.
      must come over at yours and have a glass of red-do. that will help too, non? n♥

  3. hi nadine, my help in such situations is going for a walk into the woods. or to work in the garden. nature is always helping me! and I have a very good masseuse where I'm going twice a month. next time I'll start with tai chi, I hope it will improve my mindfulness for body and soul!
    :-) mano

  4. hello, friend - i've been thinking about balance this week, as well - both in body and mind. (great minds think alike, eh? or perhaps have similar difficulties...)

    i've been remiss in my walking lately, and am feeling it in my muscles and joints. so that's my goal for the summer to come, to get back to it. as for the neck and back, i think your timer sounds like a good idea (and a few good massages, perhaps?)

    always sending love and fond thoughts from this side of the ocean...

  5. wow, your timer is a good idea. I might adapt that.
    i think movement is essential. yoga, stretching is so good. walking.
    sitting, the computer suppose to be so bad for our bodies.
    I am glad you feel ok.
    I do understand. i have body stuff, it comes and goes, thank goodness, but can be challenging. sending love and light, wishing grace to find your way.

  6. Yes, I usually take a break and come to what I am working on! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Hydrate. Stretch (however that is for you...doesn't have to be structured 'classes') and walking slowly can be a kind of stretch. Breathe. Eat foods that have been influenced/created by photosynthesis (the sun is a powerful healthy building healing energy all by when developing food just gives the good healthy stuff that our bodies thank us for.) Commune with your own body on the cellular level. Spirit, soul conversations with yourself. Love your body and thank it on the deep level. Thank the universe (God, etc.) for your perfect body. Affirmations: i.e. "I am in perfect health in perfect harmony with the universe." I say this every single night and have done so for 15 years and counting (though I don't count per se). Be mindful every second of what you are doing, thinking, feeling, emotionally, physically. Be a witness to your own self. Be your own best friend in that way. Watch. Don't judge. Take note. And make the changes you choose to make and feel necessary to get you to your goal of physically feeling less stressed and just feeling better period. You take charge dear friend. You are in the drivers' seat here. Journal, especially about what is stressing you. Then come up with a plan. Okay I'll stop. I speak from experience in this comment section. It's just what I do...and more...some of it might help. Sending love to you, N, x