drawing | sky

kingfisher blue. off-white fat clouds floating by. even, when the sea seems to reside up above {not shown here}. it happens. once i drove into work and the sky shone unearthly mountain solid. i felt as if i was driving through the french alps in belgium.

however, drawing the skies is a matter of a different calibre. because it brings me also to drawing the light, and that to me, my friends, is virgin territory. how i wish i could bring those big skies together on my blank canvas, of which i have enough samples at this instant. 

blank canvasses on which 16 new houses {not shown here} will be mounted lackadaisically {beautiful word, non?}. no skies in sight! plain paper houses, multi coloured by default, some kingfisher blue, sharing sky absence. eric's DC AC weekend!


please find here the translation to the above crossed-out poem, sampled from a teenage novel.


  1. A wonderful post again. Love the beach photo as well as the "instant"(dada)poem:)
    Lacka... beautiful word!! Houses and no skies? (maybe a new ac theme?)
    Thanks for joining. - eric

  2. Your house portraits look back at me. I want to know more.....can I come in?

  3. MOOI! I bow my hat, dear Nadeschda. I love your poem (dada hasn't been so tender before!)
    Your houses... oh, I wish I could come to your exhibit! Sky absence? No, it is wide open!
    Ariane. Rose

  4. i like your poem, crossed out word poem
    and your houses are charming

    light is such a big thing, light and shadow
    whether it is photography or art

    sweet week to you

  5. Oh so much fun! I'm loving your house collection. It's going to look so beautiful all together on a wall. And found poems are the best. I love found poems to pieces. Well done you. :D

  6. Wowser brilliant wonderful intriguing inspirational (I want to do art now...looking at your sampling of fabulousness here)! Your house[s] hanging is going to look superb; I'd love to see them in person. I love the way the poem is created AND mounted/framed as well. Clever. I cut words from books to use in art as well, but I've never thought about leaving the words in situ. It must take a bit of time to find the words??? Well this whole post is just delicious my dear! N, x

  7. Looks like the weather has been gorgeous!

  8. NADINE!
    ten eerste die fijne, fijne foto.....
    en dan je gedicht ;^)))
    een prachtig engels woord
    je fijne huisjes
    ik word hier zo blij van!!
    verlangen naar wind, zon en zomer
    en naar JULLIE KOMST!
    en een fijne extra dag

  9. Oh Nadine, I love found Poems and search for them often. And Houses are an important subject to me too. So I am feel very at home here.
    Thank you for your kind words to my russian sky. I have to tell you, that our Hotel in Taganrog was named NADESHDA! And for me many many impressions there reminded me of my childhood. I lived in East Germany, behind the Iron Curtain. Especially sad things like unfreedom and propaganda.
    Yours Lucia

  10. ah yes... falling into your world once again...
    love it
    x Stefanie

  11. lackadaisically
    mooi woord voor een DC/art challenge ;^))

  12. Lackadaisically is the perfect word to match the theme...drifting clouds come immediately to mind. :)

    I like your hidden poem--think I'll try doing one of those myself....

  13. Your skies are lovely, and I love the poem...

  14. There's nothing like sky-watching. Lifts your spirit every time!

  15. I stay tuned
    Nadeschda, Dear
    for news about your exhibit.
    I am a nosy person, I wonder.

  16. S W E E T I E !
    i just posted
    a new theme for the
    next DC on my blog

    Patrice A.