AC | blue. like the deep sea

what with the busy-ness of the past few months, i've neglected blogland. again! but strapping up for a party in blue, i cannot resist. okay, so i missed the ° {tea} party. here's my contribution to blue{s}... 

a few nights ago i watched a rerun documentary on german photographer michael wolf. i couldn't pull myself away from the small screen, not even a second time around. while listening i lifted william eggleston's first hardcover from my book shelf

one thing led to another and i finally broke open the cellophane from around peter sekaer's signs of lifei bought the book seven years ago and eventually read the biography and leafed through compelling pages. late at night, my mind sharp as a needle.  

what kept me so long? procrastinated anticipation, i figure. and now the summer is on and the green is out and the skies are predominantly blue (except for when it rains), i regularly feel quite giddy. that'll explain the nocturnal behaviour, perhaps.  

i lost time and track anyway, and i feel i owe you, lovely contacts from around the world! i'm well out of the habit of DC AC, but am ENJOYING this here post. while making, scanning and writing, i do remember what it used to feel like. and i still LOVE it: blogging. 

and so instead of green garden morsels my tendency to scrap had me turn to the blues and make a {tiny} whole from a bunch of blue snippets. i cleaned it up and hung it, framed, from the wall. i owe it all to patrice and her weekend AC theme. oh, glorious!

ps - talking of which. wiliam eggleston in LONDON this summer. yep. i'll be up there, lucky me. 


  1. Hi Nadine! Oh I did enjoy the visits to your links. Such interesting folk with interesting interests and art senses. I especially like Peter Sekaer's work. Imagine you kept his first book under wraps for all of those years...and opened it for this challenge. Brava! This challenge really gives me an unusual (for me) enjoyment of BLUE. Nice to see you here, my dear! *hugs* N, x

  2. Hello,
    i enjoyed your blue adventure and the outcome on the wall.
    The outdoors of this time of year really does beckon. I am looking forward to an adventure today. Wonderful glimpses here.

  3. Don't tell me you're going to be in the same country as I will be at the same time!!! Oh what trouble we could get up to! LOL. Let me know when you'll be in E. Love the collection of photos and the links. I especially love the blue scraps on the geli plate background. What a yummy image.

  4. William Eggelston - wow! I love your blues, especially the piece with all different blue patterns. All your images and links make me stop and think - wonderful!

  5. Great choice again. I especially like the first photo. And thank you for the links. - eric

  6. Hi Nadinetje,
    the collage of painted background with scraps of sort of paper as really really nice. And I realized that I don't know any of the mentioned artists -urgh. And you talking about how you love and miss blogging I was again realized that for me more the opposite is the case. I miss the connection we had back in the days which leads ultimately to our annual meetings which is so awesome - juhuu, but I don't miss the blogging itself. For me its not the same anymore. Bit sad but things change.
    Wanna skype again and talk about your houses and your exhibition?

  7. HOI!
    ik word zo blij van deze post
    (ben al meerdere keren langs geweest ;^))
    het is zo jij, van alles door elkaar
    en toch een samenhang
    en die muur op de laatste foto.... ah....
    had ik maar zo'n muur!

    tot snel!!
    en je gaat ook nog naar Londen
    lucky girl!

  8. I do ADORE your blog!!! Visiting is like coming to your door and "knock, knock" as my little girl says. Stopping by for a visit and warming my creative juices with your lovely posts. They would be the tea and cake if I were there :)

  9. such an interesting documentary, wish I had seen that.