doing it my way, not the italian

BRESCIA - view from via del castello
 in deciding to write about my journey to italy and back, i have to be frank on a few things. i started with great hopes and a view on a relaxing trip, seeing inspiring scenery along the way. i did stock up on culture and variation, however rather haphazardly.

view of SULZANO from christo's floating piers on LAGO ISEO
christo succeeded in creating puny train platform wars amongst passengers to board or not to board on the way to his floating piers; free and harsh italian drama of the vulgar kind displaying itself before our very eyes. it was only the kick off to more.
lonely planets floating in louis vuitton shop window - PADOVA
hilarious (public services) disorganisation, inertia, loud and brash italian presence at all times, indifference to quietude culminating to a "solo italiano!" crescendo that rapidly wore off. i was surprised having to find my own way time and again, through chaos and heat. 
view from warehouse tearoom window of garibaldi square {WIFI} - PADOVA
wifi reception proved a joke, until i found a tiny square right {above} in the middle of town where there seemed to be no problemo (at 5 AM). there was worldwide connection in the orto botanico. in some café's, if you were lucky to comprendo the solo italiano homepage. 
view from theatro romano of river adige - VERONA
i stayed in padova {pun to my surname intended} amongst locals. that prooved okay. the only solace i found however was to be in ancient verona, where the arena and the theatro romano, standing witness to absorbing pasts, spill out heavenly present spaciousness.
island of BURANO in the VENETIAN laguna
venezia held the crowds too, but not so much on the outskirts. the vaporetto's into the islands prooved to be the best bet to beat the hot sun and human inconvenience; by the latter meaning rich spoilt brats blatantly taking over room space, everywhere
orto botanico, in the diversity pavillions - PADOVA
a handful of italian people were absolutely helpful at crucial points, of which there were a few, involving lack of luggage lockers in railway stations and the war on mosquitoes, to name but a few {mosquitoes not subject to italian responsibility, obviously}. 
view on LA GIUDECCA from fondamenta zattere - VENEZIA
the heat, the bewilderment, the continuous dillitante behaviour took up so much energy i never did sit down and relax into drawing what beauty i saw around me. and i did see beauty. i enjoyed moments of elation. i think i may start to enjoy the memories now. 
fritto misto {molto gustoso} on the island of TORCELLO - VENEZIA
remind me though. next time i take up a holiday in summertime, not to travel southbound. it'll take the lid off that discouraging theme of too much heat, too many people, too much noise. man, was it quiet in the 'hood when italy lost the football game to germany! ☻

♥ complete photo journal to follow on flickr as soon as ♥


  1. Oh.
    Well your photos are beautiful anyway W x

  2. your writing is lovely and painted an engaging narrative of the trip.

  3. Love all the photos! LOL on wifi as in Toledo they claimed to have a city zone for wifi, but I could never get it to work.

  4. My comment is gone!
    I try to write it again...

    Man, was it quiet in the 'hood when Germany lost the football game to France! ... even myself in still mourning. But today I wish a good final France vs. Portugal!

    sitting on the balcony of the Castle at the Eisenbach, I am enjoying the whistle-stop of summer, and read (ja, /read/) in the travel issue of KINFOLK the line of Pico Iyer, essayist for Time, The New York Times, Harper's etc: "Travel lays the table for the feast you enjoy sitting still back home." Well, I know, that you don't 'sit still', because you are painting your furniture, but I imagine you in a kind of 'gleaning'.

    I am so looking forward, in great anticipation, to wrap my arms around you, with kisses, three times, on your Italian sun-kissed cheeks! Next week!


    PS. Thank you very much for your postcard from Venice! Love it!

  5. good photos and good story. Love Italy.

  6. C'était un voyage magnifique !!!

  7. it's tough to be a tourist!LOL) your photos though are gorgeous.....
    I guess everyone is chasing the sun

  8. ha-ha. oh sorry : ( no seriously. never venice in mid-summer, in fact, never european city holidays in mid-summer, sadly. your sideboard looks L--O-V-E-L-Y. i wish i had the courage to paint mine. xo