just show up

i started painting the 100+ years old sideboard in the beginning of july
 if blogland lies dormant still, then there's another rattling thingy in my cupboard : renovation. yesterday morning, as i pulled myself through lesson 7 of a running program, i promised myself recovery on my renovation planning also. 

... and then at some point i lost the painting plot
i'd like to call the present situation stage three, which in essence is not the easiest one. i'd much rather say méééééh, than rummaging through paint brushes, rollers, matt and silk paint tubs, floor foil and what not. and i do say méééééééééééh. 

using up old paint tubs from the cellar. i'm now using water based paints
but after the exhibition in the front room, the space looks kind of empty and sound to perform those finishing touches to, and in. for now i'm onto painting a kitchen cabinet and a sideboard. i do feel i need some rhythm however. 

going back into work finds me with time on my hands on the commuter train
looking for a way to combine my planned house chores and my eagerness to further explore my drawing skills, i know that the most work gets done by simply doing it. the sideboard i started july 7th. and then it stumbled upon the waiting room. 

frankly. this isn't chaos. i didn't photograph the chaos. i couldn't
and like repeating running lesson seven in a loop, because i must, i want to repeat and execute the other intentions too. so i paint, and move {and observed true chaos, all day long yesterday}. and then i pulled through, by insisting. great lesson. again. ☻

but then the result of the sideboard finally finished. for now it sits here to serve, and it will move again, whence the kitchen refurbishment is a fact
keep on watching this space, because i feel a ressurgence on the blog front too. well, at least till i'm done talking the travel adventures (i've a few posts up my sleeve). and nearing fall i guess i would really like to host a drawing challenge. remember? ♥


  1. Oh yes yes yes to everything! That cupboard looks fantastic, LOVE the art on the train, can't wait for more blog posts and a sneaky visit my way (I hope), and a big, fat yes to a new and resumed DC! LOVE :D

  2. Maybe I'll participate in the drawing challenge? Been doodling a bit. Love how your cupboard looks.

  3. wonderful to change a cupboard and experience the newness and organization of it.

    Love your drawing and all it's details.
    If you host a AC/DC please let me know.

  4. honestly, it looks very good. But it is a terrible task, I tried it once myself.Respect!