AC | tide {and did you know about my new 365?}

maths as a science is fascinating. i love proclaimed formulae and extensive mathematical deductions, purely for their rhythmic properties. tide immediately reminds me of nagakawa's great wave. i granted that masterpiece a numerical twist in ariane's AC.

i've actually built on kleon's steal like an artist, which professes great art is made through copying great art. i took courage then and copied great art. the great wave made me feel those wave outlines as i drafted them, you know?

today is also math storytelling day. that's why n° 0, 3 and 7 spawned into my great wave. as topics in my new 365-project i intuitively choose {inter}national holidays. besides daily incentives, these issues learn me a thing or two about the world out there. 


  1. My jaw dropped!
    aww, you give this copied wave a very personal Nadine's twist, Nadine! Great!
    Sometimes, maths is music to me, high art, pure rhythm... and then, I am a blockhead, it's crazy.
    Out there, the world? No. It's inside you, Dear. And it's fantastic!
    Thanks for connecting your new 365-project and this AC.
    Love, Ariane. Rose

  2. wauw.....
    such a fine drawing!!!

    mooi, schoon, goed gedaan
    ik ben trots en fier

  3. Magnifique interprétation de la vague !!! Bravo !

  4. Oh Nadine! Fine copying my friend.
    Happy week to you. xo

  5. Wow! Great post. Great wave. Steal like an artist:) And I love your new project (and started to follow it). I was just wondering how you would get to an idea every day...till I found the national day calender. Looking forward to tomorrow: dumping day, pancake day...:))) - eric

  6. Wohooo! You've stolen my heart like an artist. Ha! And you totally impress me with your 365 project. Especially because I didn't make it and finished up much too early. But, hey, here I am. Back in the challenge! Drawing challenge at least. ;-)

  7. i give drawing lessons an di tell her..."steal from the artist, you can learn from it!"

    love your wave!!

  8. Hi Nadine, Thank you for your comment. and about your Tide: Wow!!!!! i didnt saw the numbers until i look very carefully!!!!!!! Excellent!!!! As Stefanie say: Genious! :)

  9. yes, yes, I have heard about your project. Like your tide. So many different ways to bring the same subject. I like that.

  10. I'm a huge fan of Austin Kleon and love that you are a fan too. I love your Tide. I'm working on a new piece of music, inspired by his idea of Stealing Like An Artist. Such fun.