welcome autumn

porcelain bird with moss and on ariane's vintage scarf
trying for a new thread in my blog has kept me awake some, the past couple of days. there is something brewing, although of course, the start of yet another {much favoured} autumn season could have a hand in my fickle yet manageable restlessness. 

tiny bookcase filled with origami booklets, pencil stump in right hand corner for size
finding a new {blog} path may be exactly what i need. raking together old loves for small booklets, and photographing tiny studio scenes, + my current occupation of sketching and drawing happens under the tender light of seasonal changing skies. i like that. 

part of drawing, pens, pencil
i am indeed way deep into houses again. i've taken on the task of drawing dwellings; mostly disappeared landmarks that will resurface in this reference source of interest and surprise to locals; i'm only too proud to be part of that enterprise. and i am learning. 

corner of rough sketch
the downfall to this undertaking being i cannot share but rough sketches or tiny corners, for the surprise is understandably all reserved for first publishing. i don't expect this to happen before well into 2017. i've set myself no longer than six months to do all the drawing. 

herne railway station on my daily commute into the city, evening light
i'm working along a tight schedule, filled with plans and ideas and ways to go about it. i definitely want to be out walking again and i'm even thinking of reopening my tiny shop. i'm fine with all that. i need focus. and i have every intention to blog more often. 


  1. Hooray hooray hooray, all good news. Now I want to write a book too. Or draw a book...or whatever you do with an art book. Do you write it or draw it? LOL conundrum. Love the photo with the wolf shadow. So you Nadine. OK let's pick up this blogging thing, let's get noticed, let's paint, draw, photograph and eventually publish in 2017! I'm in. :D

  2. A new blog, I've been happy with my blog for more than 10 years now. Don't really have the time to think of something new. Too many photos to take and process.

  3. That is exciting, Nadine! How are you going to publish it, do you know yet? Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  4. wonderful glimpses of your world.
    I wish you the best with your project: inspiration, vitality, success, and joy.