AC | halloween and school... whaddayaknow...

i had never expected to combine halloween and school, but fate took a leap! here's a mix of today's bonfire night (the well known guy fawkes ~post~ halloween mask), and a fond school memory. both images recycled and popping up on ariane's AC this weekend! ☺ 


  1. never expected but it works (I love those date stamps)
    please come to A.C. No.200 at my blog, ok?
    x Stefanie

  2. Monsieur Fawkes De Guy looks like the very perfect principal at L'ecole rue de Siam. I love it. :D

  3. Quite a combination but it works here, Nadine.
    Clever Ariane to get us back at challenging ourselves again!
    Happy week to you! xo Carole

  4. HOI!
    love your work
    every day (on insta)
    and yes, i love those date makrks too
    i have such a stamp (ofcourse i have) ;^))

    thanks for being here

  5. Ha, that is a clever mix! I love it, thank you! xx Leena

  6. wonderful both.
    you even have the weather happening in the one on the right. It can be such a moody season.

  7. Dear Nadine,
    thank you for the link for the bonfire's night, because I haven't not a hunch about it. And it fit's for the 5th of November ;-) Great drawing! Even from your school (with your french teacher inside).
    I love your creative stream of drawings every day! Daily!

    Love, Ariane.
    PS Thank you for your understanding words because of my son.

  8. Nadine, your lines are always fresh and fluid. So too, with the mask. Brava!!! We've been in weeks and weeks and weeks of rain daily here in the S.W. corner of Canada, so I appreciate and noticed immediately the rain against the brick building of the school. Nice to see you! N,x

  9. good idea to mix your great drawings - the date stamps are great. I think I have to use them too...!
    if you like to see my whole ac school post, please look here:

  10. nice artworks. I loved bonfire night as a kid too.

  11. aha, an AC. Not much time for that, I'm afraid.