subject, as opposed to object

elsene musem, recent exhibition on photorealism, forgot to take down painter's credits. yeah, bad ass me
that can happen. the book i'm taking part in is being put on hold. the socio-historic association financier is objecting to the means of presenting the subject. in other words? they fear they are feeding the artist rather than the promotion of disappeared buildings. 

edingen - enghien, parc
the argument infuses and rather makes me smile. it takes an antique mind to fear they would throw light rather on the maker than on the city that allowed shameless demolishment of buildings of importance and interest in a recent past.

denderleeuw, river dender
naturally, what it also teaches me is not to work without a contract. because blind trust is fragile, and although the intentions are best and the ideas are sound, moneyman can say no and selling out often repercusses. lesson learned. 

to go out with a bang. this was a commission. all paid for, everybody happy. ☺
i will accept their objection as a compliment. their hesitation frees up me time to get involved in my own work again and work out ideas i've had sitting on a back burner for a while. hands on in the studio, besides my daily doodles, obviously. enjoy the sunny all saints! 


  1. i´m sorry to hear that- but damn! with your talent woman- you´ll have loads of new offers. :)
    images are stunning as usual :)

  2. I am sorry to read this and a bit angry. And then again, what a silly argument. the beauty of the river makes up for it. A bit! Hugs from Brandenburg.

  3. i AM sorry about the book. but also happy to see that you are not letting it deter you from your creative endeavors. ALSO happy to see these autumnal scenes that my heart craves this time of year...

  4. That stinks, but everything I believe works out for a reason. Just hard to see the larger picture ahead. Hoping an amazing opportunity will come knocking on your door.

  5. Oh Nadine! Not nice or fair or forward thinking of the association.
    What will you do with these amazing drawings you've created? Approach someone else about publishing them. Book, poster, card sets etc. This may be a golden opportunity for you dear talented friend!
    xo Carole

  6. Nadine, Dear!
    some people...
    take your freedom! I am with Carole here: Book, poster, cards etc. ... Looking forward.
    Your drawing above... makes me wanna kneel down!

  7. Wow. Sorry you had this experience. Do you get to keep the work you did for them thus far? Nobrcperience hs acwayed one, but yay to free time to work on your own projects!

  8. the fact that it frees up time is not a bad thing, I guess