AC | tropics

watercolour on (too) thin paper
tropics sounds *h*o*t* (singer parasol!). the cooling effect for me would have to be lime juice, tequila, and ice, ice baby. and while we're at it, that mandatory {mid century} parasol. ariane's AC this weekend. ♥


  1. love your cooling parasols, i would need one. Your drink sounds good too.

  2. they are so funny and the pattern is excellent, love the coloures, too!
    x Stefanie

  3. Oh, Nadinetje, your beautiful parasols makes me think of heat (the heat of our last summer gathering!)
    I see your parasols in different sizes: they'd work even as small umbrellas on a drink!
    Their pretty pattern reminds me on a fabric in my grandparents' house. Can see its pattern on b/w photos (ja, 50th! Found them years later in the former henhouse, covered with dash of paint...).

    ThanX for your refreshing drawing and time for the AC!

    Love, Ariane. Rose

  4. Love your color-coordinated header!
    X aR.

  5. It feels like summer. Love the colorful pattern. - eric

  6. Okay, Nadine, I want one of your parasols, full size! Please!
    You and I should meet up again, this time possibly on the cool breezy Alaskan coast?

  7. the tequila and lime juice part sounds just great. Have tequila here and a couple of limes.

  8. Your parasols are divine my wolfie girl! I was just contemplating opening several of them in the new studio and somehow attaching them to the ceiling. :D

  9. Very cute for whatever age! Have a great weekend!