AC | {it started with a} pig

illustrator : jiří kalousek
i woke at 3 AM one week night and got up. pulling a favourite illustrated book from a studio shelf, i started leafing, revelling at one image after another. i was awake!

illustrator : jiří kalousek
and there she stood, in one corner of poland, a subject of wonder: pig. how ever carole came about this theme, i guess i’ll find out over the weekend.☻

preparing last night, the drink held berries
anyhoo. i was already considering patterns of hoofs, and meagre legs under a big corpus, a snotty snout and flappy pig’s ears; all of its potence appealed. 

no more legless
then an early morning headache hammered in and i lay my head down again on my soft cell memory pillow, deciding upon good old fashioned drawing. a pig then, as is.

in a pig's ear = pigs might fly. oh! pink floyd!!
so i pulled out my paints and lines and rolled in snorts of contentment upon oinks of marvel. super great fun theme in the end and this weekend at carole’s. 

and terribly sorry, no. not a thing about piggy banks. unless... (note to self : i should really read the briefs more carefully). chop chop, knor knor. ♥


  1. Super fun pig! I enjoyed this whole post.

  2. You are too funny, Nadine! Your slot for the piggybank is perfect!
    And the drawing is marvellous!!!! Thanks for joining in. xoxo

  3. it´s super cute and yes: you´re too funny!
    x Stefanie

  4. getting up at 3 in the morning, what is that good for?
    Like the way you worked around the subject, and I like the pig drawing.

  5. Ha, super fun...except for the headache! You know, I tend to sleep with watercolours and a journal beside my bed most nights. It's that early morning hour over tea when I can practice so completely understand and love the idea of an early morning piggy! :D

  6. Love your pig, it makes me smile, although it has a grim look.
    Great work!