smell ya later! ☺

margate cupcake cafe, 2014
while you're reading this, i'm in the UK, enjoying english pastures, not considering the english' ridiculous brexit move and scheming up an itinerary or two.

margate, lido sands, 2014
i'm in margate. i will be walking into broadstairs on tuesday. i will most probably be visiting canterbury, before i travel back up to london. 
margate, dreamland, 2014. recently reopened
it's my last 2017 proper holiday. i'm keeping my promise to avoid summer travel, as to elude a probable heat wave, and just stay inside if temperatures rise intolerably. 

margate, shore, 2014
one exception: i will be attending the summer gathering, the one that came out of the late drawing challenges. this may well happen in germany. 

margate, shore, 2014
we've yet to settle a date, it's a whole undertaking which demands careful planning. like organising an original sleep over, but the adult way. 

thanet map
the weather forecast is reasonably good. let's just take it as it comes. cheerio, everyone. back before long.  


  1. Very nice post with photos I want to jump into! Good for you, taking time off to enjoy life <3 Much love!!

  2. Well, you sure managed to avoid the heat wave.