wishing and hoping and thinking and ... {earth day}

easter promises from ariane r.
i prepared quite a different blog post over the past week, for i was convinced i could combine renovation work in the mornings with drawing in the afternoons. no such thing.

house in suburb

firstly i had to look for my courage somewhere amongst the cabbage, for i had no courage at all. how i ever got myself pumped enough to keep going... now there's a question. 

this is exactly what it means : new laptop

once i got going i just kept going, i think, breaking the tension by frequent visits to the diy store; luckily just round the corner from where i live.

bathroom progress, as seen from above

so all i did was measuring, sawing, drilling, plastering, fastening, beating and wishing. wishing up for a different scenario, that was. just to show you how hard i swallowed my efforts. 

detail of sanding down old tiny cupboard. circle is from where an old handle sat

somehow it got to friday and an hesitant sun in a grey forecasted sky guided my outdoors paint stripping acts on a bedside table to be. it did get me closer to the wood worm... yeah. that too. ☻

cherry blossom pink by now, bedside table to be
once it starts raining, it doesn't half pour, albeit those grey skies remained dry. which is a plus. and after all, all the things i got done, are now forever done. only...

bathroom {un}progress and end of my street
i didn't finish the bathroom, did i? i got a few new ideas along the way. and i brace myself with the knowledge that the creative process does have this tendency of looking like i make things up as i go along, ...  

earth day, april 22, melodye's AC

... so that realising where it gets me and taking it from there is jollier than feeling sorry for what all that hasn't been done... and a safer bet than just wishing. that as well, i guess. 

melodye's AC this weekend and have a fantastic week ahead {and weekend!} ♥


  1. Wow, a big project for you and learning each step of the way. It will feel good when it is completed.

    Love your earth at the end.

  2. I'm sorry Nadine but in all honesty I giggled to myself while reading your post. Distracting yourself at the DIY shop is a common ploy. Have you seen the lineups at say Home Depot on the weekends!!!

    BUT you have the most wonderful home and the gift of true hospitality. Can't wait to see it when were back to your part of the Earth.

    Happy weekend to you as well. xo

  3. Holy smokes! You go renovating girl. It's always such a slog, isn't it? But you'll get it done. In the meantime, your Earth painting is just perfect.

  4. lovely post
    you go girl!!
    i LOVE that Ariane
    did send asweet lamb to all three of us ;^)
    or maube to even more!

    see you soon

    1. Only to you three of our lucky clover... looking for our Summer Gathering!

      Love, Ariane

  5. Holy smokes is probably the best expression here. Respect for all your efforts!:) - eric

  6. Dear Nadinetje,
    I bow down before you. You rock your renovation! in a female way, weaving the golden threat, again and again, circular.
    Like the way Mother earth is dooing, round 'n round, year after year. Yay!

    PS: the fourth (even the force ;-) ) is with me, I meen the lamb of our lucky clover

  7. PPS: http://arianereichardt.blogspot.de/2011/01/at-first-day-each-one-pointed-at-his.html
    DC #2 HOME turns to AC #208 Earthday... :-D