saturday. such fun

a very last splash of white paint from the tube 
i prepare a weekend blogpost during the week, but often i just write a more accurate one on the saturday. like today. it's evening, and it's been an interesting day, so i feel like rounding up on what was. 

one gigantic weeping willow across from the river path into lessines
i had the most amazing, the most inspiring and the shortest nature walk in wallony, just round the corner from where i live, early this morning. i set out to a thrift shop, and my alternative route paid off. 

some of my thrift shop haul
my thrifting was very rewarding too, not always the case. i found art books to take apart, a few crockery pieces and old wrapping paper which tells me once upon a time there was a Carnaby Street nearby. ☻

painting, erm... oh, what exactly? sssshhhtt... that would be telling
in the studio i am experimenting with a probable new 365 days project after the current one finishes. i've a few months left, and i usually get weary over halfway, which is like right now, and thinking up new themes is fun.

last weekend's lily-of-the-valley modelling for this week's tiny painting
so much fun that i almost lose interest in my current venture. i love working in the studio, listening to a podcast and letting the world go by. i don't mind one bit playing a bit of an ostrich.

today's mushroom, bok choi, mustard leaf, asparagus and bufala mozzarella sourdough pizza, just before baking
i expect sunday to run pretty much like saturday. that could sort of sound boring, but i'll have you know it is not. i'm loving every minute of my immersion and efforts, before monday will happen again. 

have a good sunday, everyone! ♥


  1. Dear Nadine (aka 'ostrich'), well I love podcasts too. Mostly I listen to the BBC. Mostly dramas. Mostly crime, but also historical and others of course. Your blog is just so lovely, it reminds me, in spades, that I must get back to mine. Clean it up, switch things, toss things out, and investigate just exactly what is going on with a possible hack. A beloved on line friend said she went there a few times and just got advertising. Ewwwww. I kinda don't know what to expect and of course it will be gross. Anyway, soon I'll go visit and see just exactly who has moved in, kick them out, and do some cleaning. Perhaps I'll do a post. Love, love, love your pink shoes! And that pizza; oh hello! N,x

  2. Oh what an absolutely perfect Saturday! I think it might be July before I can have a Saturday like that, but I'm looking forward to it. :D Oh, I bought organic pizza dough for tonight too! Aren't we two minds but one. Mine will be a pesto, artichoke heart, sun dried tomato, and chevre pizza.

  3. Klinkt als een hele fijne zaterdag! Ik hoop zo dat ik nog dit jaar een dagje samen met jou in je fijne studio mag werken....dat zou ik zo leuk vinden.
    Op het moment luister ik elke dag dat ik hier werk naar dezelfde klassieke muziek. Muziek die rustig maakt, precies een uur duurt (even de benen strekken) en het geluid van de hardoplerende jongste zoon overstemt.
    DAG!! Fijne zondag! Hier fluiten de vogels en zijn mijn mannen in de keuken in de weer ;^)))

  4. It was a good - and gourmand - day!! Thanks for sharing it ;)

  5. That tree is amazing! Hope you are having a great week!