travel notes

technology! i went to sleep last night, google photo library and instagram bugging me. not sync-ing properly. and i was in a right mood. on top of that, i was thinking, this won't do: getting upset by technological mayhem. 

i can't say i sorted it. i found another back door, more like. i'll just bin everything i don't need now... but hey, apart from a lousy instsgram lay out, i got my thing done. which brings me to the topic: 

travel notes. i start them when i sail, and i usually polish 'em off weeks after returning, if i finish 'em at all. but. as i intend to round up better, here's finally a few pages from my last trip's scrapbook. 

i spare you the in between scribbles, obviously. but i did enjoy sketching out another alphabet, and squeezing out the colours from my home studio afterwards. because, what better opportunity to relive moments? 

so as i scanned pages into my computer, i noticed a few hiatus. almost glad too to rediscover what still needs to be finished, because it means i'm revisiting Margate pretty soon. ah. mind travel. ...

have a great weekend and a wonderful week ahead! ♥


  1. Dear Nadine, love your travel notes... wonderful London inspiration.
    Hope to see you on instagram soon again.
    ♥ Sabine