late bloomer

cutting, pasting, repeat
for sure i am. in everything to be honest: i bloom late. which isn't a bad thing, but it's sometimes confusing. because i'm apt to make unfortunate choices, keeping me away from what matters most. 
a few try-outs up my sleeves

what does matter most then? being creative! i loved it as a child, i still love it to this day. in between then and now i chose to read english, kindergarden education, photography classes and a full library course.
brussels kapellekerk railway station, daytime job neighbourhood 

and i worked a dozen trades to only become master of the last. which is good, i'm happy about it, but my creative career, although developing, keeps steadily on the back burners. 
morning in la roche, in the belgian ardennes

i don't mind, but i do bump into such questions and exclamations as, when? how? if ever? do so! why not? why yes? learn! take in! follow! lead! relax! relax? yes! relax! laugh! cry! enjoy! learn! learn! learn!...☺ 
studio tabletop

and i do. all of the above. slowly and surely. with all of your help, obviously. and also with graft, and returning to the drawing board. and starting over. and finetuning. and daring to dream up a creative future. 
peonies, season passed already? 

the slow way about everything offers the scenic route anyway, a route i do like, because it implies minimal travel and a broad imagination, a good place to reside and get inspired.

have a beautiful weekend and a lovely week ahead. ♥ 

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