sweet saturday, once again

peonies from garden. even while slowly dying, our sweet smelling flower is standing proud
i was away a couple of days for work. nearly dipped my toe in a small stream in the ardennes, and then i didn't, while the imaginary sensation of cool water on skin felt very real. 

lights are on, but barely visible. ☻
the windows are open to the wind in the studio. i hear a scooter passing by, a cuckoo cuckooing. luckily high temperatures have dropped and there's air and we can breathe. i've been baking, and i've been cleaning. 

i never take pictures when i paint, so you will settle for another project shown here, won't you
i've also been preparing my daily instaposts a month in advance, it took me many hours already. the coming weeks are busy and by the end of the month i'm traveling, so some preps were in order. 

homemade falafel! haven't yet reached the fluffy inside, crunchy outside state
just a long weekend away, but well chuffed part of the AC crew is joining up again in a good old chinwag in what seems to grow into a fine tradition. many places on our wish list, but we happily settled for berlin.

cut butterfly triangles for greeting cards
after my very first visit to berlin in 2015, i have felt the constant urge to go back. having ordered cool weather, some 22°, all our walking and talking will be manageable. till then it's pleasurably all hands on deck. 

in the meantime, have a beautiful weekend and an awesome week ahead. ♥

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