pow pow pow

screen shot from LIAR, set in Deal, UK, the tiny sea town i discovered just a few months ago... ☺
good old "past midnight and wide awake". i decided to climb out of bed and do something i never do at night : open my computer and write a blog post. i don't even have much to say, perhaps not even a thing. 

well shaven ;)))
night time is not a good time for me. i don't often see clear. but i feel at peace, and accept all that is around me that is far from satisfying (not wanting to use that much misused word perfect). 

my notice board in kitchen
i realise i'm not being creative much, because of the daytime job. oh, my intentions of pushing myself an hour an evening into creating, as to make up for time lost....  not happening. and as such, not working. 

cuppa with me
i manage to listen to podcasts on creativity, mainly to cut out surround noise in public spaces. i also watch a lot of series and pretend i am reading the books. you know? words or images, it's all one go nowadays. 

cookie with me ☺
and i'm not malcontent either. i frown upon times past, my need to make things, and these days the total lack of making things, and what's the difference, i ask myself. surely the art of living is being happy and content. 

one of the scenes i pass as i'm cycling down to mum's
it seems i'm letting go of beliefs and convictions and replacing them by better suited experience. maybe i'm having a break from creating. or perhaps the night makes me broody and meek. 

enjoy your weekend though. pow, pow, pow ♥


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