walkies with no dog

clara spilliaert, *Marbol*, Gothic fountain
hooray! we have an artistic route in our town! last time i looked (july), about a quarter of its contents was missing. today, october 6th, all of the work is mounted and here for the joyous walker to witness. 

jan van imschoot, *Cyriel 'Tarzan' Delannoit*, local famous boxing legend
what's there has the allure of a fairytale, as artists of different disciplines fill a familiar place with often whimsical, and always personal interpretations of local folklore, facts and fiction. 

voebe de gruyter, *Muur & Union Match*, reminiscing this town's matches manufacturing past
the route was curated by an out-of-towner and most participant artists come from elsewhere, some from abroad even. i actually would have liked to be a bug inside their head, ...

clara spilliaert, *Marbol*, {i really love her entries}
... as they were twisting anecdotes into, well, new anecdotes, i guess. it also leaves me a little queasy. my affection for the town i live in isn't overflowing, and to see it re-imagined by strangers is refreshing, true, 

roland jooris, *Boven* / jan van imschoot, *Cyriel 'Tarzan' Delannoit*, local famous boxing legend
and also creates a void i'm not sure can be filled with strangers' interpretations; however imaginative. or not. art is free flowing though, and of a whimsical nature. it could provoke. these works however don't.  

anyway. nice try. enjoy the weekend still and have a good week ahead. ♥


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