corner view ≈ small things

today i cleaned the curb. i was getting a little restless for the chores still awaiting inside and i wanted to escape to smaller things {is cleaning a big thing, or is it smalls?}. i managed to diy the plaster around the front door, inner side, which elated me. and perhaps i was thinking, it's the small things which make the biggest difference. which is known to all, of course. so what am i stating the obvious? okay, it's the crumbs. pistacchio and lime, fyi, in a wandsworth airy tearoom. jane's corner view , francesca's hosting, kristin's theme.


  1. yes - it is always the small things.
    I have enjoyed your London excursion!
    Looks as though you enjoyed your slice of cake :)

  2. ;^))
    't ziet er fijn en lekker (!) uit
    kan hup! zo meedoen voor 'eten'


  3. lekker looking!
    have fun with big and small cleanings
    x Stefanie

  4. cleaning is a big thing for sure. and even you break it up into smaller tasks, it has a special knack of just growing into a bigger thing. :)
    PS late for CV, battling against a very slow internet.

  5. I have to make those all things...too...little cleanings to become a big spring cleaning...and small cookings to fell better....

  6. It's always the little things Woolfy :)
    I am a slightly o.t.t. with cleaning. It's a sickness I inherited from my Mother.
    I don't clean the daughters rooms anymore though - I've managed to stop that caper. It was hard, but I continue to resist the temptation ;)

  7. Because cleaning is a constant I try to keep it small other wise I would be overwhelmed right!
    But every now and then I get a big burst of energy and purge so to speak ;)
    "the little things" are the crumbs we savor at the end of a fine slice of cake- to make it last :)

  8. It never ends! Big or small there's always more.
    Spring cleaning happened only a month ago and now I'm wondering if I really did it!
    Happy days to you, dear Nadine. xo

  9. Plastering around the door sounds like a big thing! Impressive!

    ps That looks delicious!

  10. Your cake looks devine! Have a happy week!

  11. Oh my that cake, pistachio and lime sounds like a fabulous combination. I hope you enjoyed every bite.
    Every deserves a treat after cleaning tasks big or small.

  12. You got a lot done around the house....and PIE oh My......miss ya Momma!

  13. Cleaning can be quite a big task, but those crumbs are screaming to me that one step at a time, we can indeed achieve everything.

  14. The perfect small thing... and, no doubt, cleaning isn't small ;)

  15. you did some pretty big cleaning/things around the house.
    And the obvious is sometimes not so obvious!!

    that cake looks delicious.

  16. that is some serious cake! :):):)

  17. Looks like hummingbird cake which I have never had but would really love too. yum!