roll in it

traveling is a good thing, is it not? 

even when you don't feel like it. but you do it, 

while you're good at it

so after weeks of all sorts, i'm actually {almost} off

by that i mean, across a country border. nothing fancy, somewhere familiar

i'll pop in later, shall i? 


  1. Dear Nadine, travel save, even is it somewhere familiar. These pictures are beautiful, now I want to go somewhere new! (thank you my dear friend for your comment on my blog, it sure did help me…go with flow you say, I will!)

  2. Yes, please do pop in Nadine - safe travels. I am away myself this week as you know, and enjoying the views from a different angle.
    love - sus

  3. brilliant set of details!
    travelling is good! and most often if I haven't feel like travelling, I certainly have needed it.

  4. enjoy your travel :)

  5. really? you didn't feel like it? hope your trip is all you needed right now (sans tablet trouble :))

  6. Happy Travels!! While spring can be inspiring, it can also make me feel drowsy and languid.