london streets

for some reason i was much attracted to the streets of the city as i traveled. it is not always so, i usually do not take kindly to the london mob, but i aimed for distraction, anonymity and company.

the latter i found in melle paradis. we spent a few dainty hours together, visiting john soane's house on lincoln's inn fields and munching on a late lunch on a west smithfield park bench. 

chiswick, hammersmith, richmond and hampstead got themselves scrutinized some. and of course, lucky enough to be getting such marvellous spring weather. every day. 
as the time of leaving nears, i promise myself to do so on a morning. yet each time i leave for home, i travel late afternoon. i blame it on lingering, but it's not practical. how to kill last hours then while luggage is being left at the hotel's reception desk, at owner's risk?

you catch bus 168 into hampstead. you have a good long walk, a good long think about impracticalities, and a good long cuppa coffee and a proper scone. in the sun. of course. next,

you sit on john keat's steel bench in his former garden, listening to the nightingale's chirpy song, imaging the man himself rested his weary buttocks upon the cool steel once upon not so long ago. hoping his genius rubs off some on your lonesome traveler's blues,

well. one can dream. i take you to the london streets


  1. we lucked out, didn't we? the blossom was glorious. it was good to meet up, we'll do it again! brussels - yes!

  2. Those wacky wigs - great views, N. Best wishes, sus

  3. A nice walk!!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful pictures, love your dress.

  5. you walking london streets, camera at hand, under a blue, blue makes me happy, x

  6. "distraction, anonymity and company." that's city for me...

    beautiful photos <3

  7. Dear Nadeschda,
    the last pic of the clouds... makes me start laughing and maybe my thoughts about that what I see takes your blues of leaving London away: is this not a dog (head left) who farts (the jet and jet trail)? Oh, I am sorry for that insolence, milady.

    Wanna walk London street's with you here. Love that!

    xo Ariane.

    1. oh, without the " ' " at "streets", no? I am confused, Hon!

  8. Beautiful pics!!! you have been to beautiful places right?

  9. I always enjoy traveling with you a bit virtually, love your outfit and this crazy wigs, that seem so typically british odd.
    barbara bee

  10. how wonderful that you got together with Melle Paradis! i don't know that there is a perfect time to depart and/or arrive - the day of travel, tends to be an in limbo time for me!

  11. Looks like you had fun wandering the streets of London, Nadine. You take such great photos. The kind that entice me to check up flights to places you visit. One day, Nadine, when you least expect it, one day! xo

  12. ahhh, keats. i have an affinity for his spirit - his courage to SEE beauty in the midst of his many struggles. i'm glad you sat there, for a bit. i'm glad you shared the vision with us...