dough it up

i prefer home made pizza crust (recipe/recept) to store bought dough. nonetheless it took me a good few years to finally discover this easy pastry case, and then by accident. versatile and to my likings as this dough is, it is used in our kitchen for pizza crust, vegetable pie / tart, toast, ….
the trick of this simple delight (let’s face it : soggy pastry cases we do not want) lies in the addition of fine grained cornmeal*, i’m sure. but i’ll admit it, i dare to blind bake a crust for just a few minutes, especially if the filling is very wet (e.g. belgian endivy). the dough freezes well, so make plenty in the machine.
*cornmeal, by which i mean finely grounded cornmeal, not cornstarch, i buy at the indian shop, or at the chinese supermarket


  1. Oh thanks!!! I'll try! Soon!

  2. yes i prefer homemade pizza base too. i made a huge batch of mini pizzas for my son's school the other day and have been asked by one of the parents there to make some for a birthday party she is organising this weekend.

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmm that sounds so tasty!!
    Kisses and thanks for your sweet comments :)