within reach

[sage - rosemary - oregano wild]
september being the one month i’m already looking forward to when july starts, now she is finally within reach. do you think that is funny, a little ungrateful even? when sensing the upcoming month in the august air though, i know she's going to be powerful, once again. some flower buds are really melting down now, and herbs are moving onto an interesting stage. grapes are fully blooming, or should i say, fruiting. [calling all readers : what the heck am i going to do with them? suggestions so welcome.... could i like, distill alcohol, the dummy way?]☻

[hortensia - blood sorrel]
september-runner-up-sounds come muffled, cats fall silent, dogs bark more lightheartedly. the swelling air tends to fill up on winter promise, while our feet are aching once again, to walk those autumnal miles. come to think of it, it's the only time they really do. ache, i mean.


my. fall promise is always keeping me hanging on. do you sense that too?


  1. I wish I could spend a day in the kitchen with you !!!

  2. i make jam with the neighbors grapes. what doesnt set i used as 'pancake syrup'. the filling is good in cookies, pies, muffins. you can preserve the grape leaves and have yourself a nice mediterranean night..go greek! x

  3. this is so lovely.
    i absolutely adore autumn, too. and i miss it from december thru august :)

  4. You make me long for the fall weather of my youth in the midwest. Here in Florida we never really experience "autumn." The winters are lovely here, but every September I keenly miss the sights and smells of autumn.