a little vintage touch

[book illustration - part of an impressive 'giant's' event in antwerp, belgium at the very moment]
all work and no play, makes jacqueline a dull girl… it’s my personal take on an old proverb, best known for its use in THE SHINING (in the slightly more original version that is). remember THE SHINING? another film i probably should have watched later then when i first did.

[sandy heart found on new, old house floor]
just a note on that to say that vintage is on my mind, and nowhere else. the house renov had me going all day yesterday (luckily in good company of l. - so THANK YOU!), and as these last miles of stripping our house to a shell unmistakably are the longest, hardly any thrift shop saw me entering. although. i have to say. wool and cotton (for the blanket, you know) did find its way up my alley. after having adjusted my bike to my own standards again (son has one ride on it, and my bike is completely altered!), i did pop in at the local and scored, oh my, beautiful stuff, not just for the blanket.

here is a little yarn teaser, and the vintage ceramic tray (an original danish beer company café tray) it’s resting in comes from a flea market a few weeks back. i love the typography on the tray, by the way. there is more, there is so much more that needs a worthy post. but it’s going to sit in my file for a week longer. remember perhaps the notebook perils? yes, sunday has arrived, and i may just give all things IT another rest. and myself too. [library adventures ususally holds more things vintage]


  1. I love the plate, is she wearing an air tank on her head?

  2. the sandy heart looks like africa

  3. The sandy heart must be some sort of good omen for you ;-)

  4. Wat is er heerlijker dan schatten vinden...al is het een bolletje wol!!!