oddities, odds and ends

this is how it goes. you're well into a crochet project and run out of yarn. when this happens i marvel, 'cause it leaves me with the perfect excuse to mix and match. buying my yarn vintage only, it is a little treat i bump into every so often. mostly people don't notice the oddity either. let's give it a try.
ofcourse it's obvious here where i ran out

and here you must be closing your eyes to not notice the difference.

do you see it here?

this is what happens to my odds and ends, that i probably love even more than all my straightforward yarn

new odds piling up already

a sculptural vision, solely for the purpose of pleasing the eye...

kootoyoo has many more ideas on display.


  1. OH I love the idea of the vintage yarn. I couldn't do it though. I would never find any! But hey, you are doing a great job of using what you have. I am very impressed & inspired...

  2. You're really doing wonders matching those odd and ends of vintage yarns. Like Mandy above, I'd never find any yarns or threads in our thrift stores.

  3. Mmmm, I love what you do with odds and ends. Artistry.

  4. First of all I finally got to read your mustache post It would not let me load it for a while, those are cute for halloween.
    I also love that little mismatch in fact I search for that type of stuff.

    and you right about the Brentleigh I think that does mean clay, thanks Heidi

  5. Matching is boring ... I like odds and ends