offaly big adventure*

part 1 to first episod
at last ! chef gets a proper spotlight. do you sometimes have the feeling that all those celebrity chefs-on-tv are a little ott? nigella just got herself a new series. the way she mashes a leftover pecan-cheesecake after hours, after having sprinkled a handful of nuts on top… it feels like proper greed. and is greed what celebrities brings to tv? and do i want to watch greed?
roland (alan davies aka JONATHAN CREEK) impersonates one such big mouth ~ wild eyed chef who’s probably sticking his oar in anywhere else his brain or muscle ought to be. it makes for grandiose docu comedy though. you can watch part 2 to the first episod here, if you’re hungry…. ☻
oh, and in case you’re wondering. offal is just what this said chef is writing about in his memoirs. long time no hear. actually since adrian mole, remember him and his trail on offal? british humor. you got to hand it to them. 
* as said on tv- bbc


  1. That was FANTASTIC! Thanks for the heads up, I'll be watching this fo'sho if/when it makes it to local Telly...

  2. Oh that was so funny....I love the eggless omelet!

  3. Oh I so hope I get to see this. I do like Alan Davies, and that girl from the IT Crowd, what ever her name is.

  4. I'ld like to see Chef as well... What an ambiance!