a try at zen on saturday

how unearthing to just have the one wine glass, the one coffee mug, the one water glass, instead of a cupboard full of crockery.
how surprising, an unexpected cushion corner, because of selecting stuff.
how inviting, the very last time in my bed in the leaving place, on the floor for the occasion. the mattress shamelessly unmade.
how appetizing, the last few pieces of freshly baked savoury pastry (atlantic herring & dolmades rice, if you wonder), and one mandarin.
how sparkly~spark, an ice cold glass of champers, or rather, a leftover. yes. in the one wine glass. oh well.


  1. i'm whispering....zen like...i love the one wine glass the one mug the unmade bed and i want some atlantic herring..yum....

  2. Aaaaaah er is tijd voor genieten,ik ben blij voor jou.(en het hoort allemaal bij de verhuismelancholie zeker....)

  3. Oh wat goed..dat je kunt genieten!Moest wel lachen om je,je was vanmorgen alweer heel vroeg op.Lukt het allemaal een beetje...de verhuizing?
    Als het goed is ben ik a.s woe helemaal verhuisd,dan kan ik echt alles gaan uitpakken.Hoe is het met je kachel afgelopen?

    Liefs Ingrid

  4. This post is so beautiful
    Your sensations really reached me :)
    Big kisses sweety

  5. what a moody post, love it :)
    I love sleeping on the floor, it always feels like I'm on holiday.

  6. Oh this is coming to the end of a chapter and your starting a whole new book! Hooray!

    I think there will be 2 glasses and 2 cups and so on, your just too cute!