corner view ≈ pondering, or lucky {renov # 9}

fragile. pacing. happily anticipating. awaiting the arrival of experts. fretting. lying awake at night. pondering.

choosing my builders wasn’t an easy task. i pulled on my intuition so hard, my body feels right slack. but since i was able to converse with every single one of them, and since every single builder was prepared to listen…. i feel so lucky! slowly my pondering subsided.

i have never done a renovation before, i guess i shall never do another one. no more! i’ve been feeling out of sorts too often, but as we’re nearing the moment of finalisation (of the basic building process only), i dare to look back and be contented. 

i didn’t know what to expect, i played the ostrich just a few times, but apart from that? there’s been convo, agreeing, disagreeing, happiness, disrupt and consolation. and that makes me feel so lucky. 

builders are passionate. they know what to go for, and they’re doing it. they are making dreams come true, and mainly they do it while keeping that spirit up. thanks to them, i have learnt so much. how to be patient. how to turn disbelief into empathy.  they took me from surprise to joy. and all that, more often than not, accompanied by a jolly good laugh.
this is a post, especially for my soft, sweet, steel iron builders. with a willing heart in place, they make for so much less pondering...
now more pondering over at ... hm.... juniper / ötli / ian / theresa


  1. ha, love your ode to renovation! i'm in architectural studies and it's still a mystery to see ideas and sketches become reality!

  2. I think you should write a removation self help book (for everybody) next...

  3. yes, This is great, the way you turned what is happening with your renovations into "ponderings". The photos too have a wonderful pondering feeling, that is if photos can ponder, these do!! Perhaps a life in ponders is a wonderful way to live♡

  4. Sounds like you found really good builders! Renovating is a lot harder than building brand new, but worth the effort.

  5. I certainly understand what you mean. Good builders are essential, people who are trying to see the vision of the house you have in mind.
    Glad you found them.
    Renovatie 'pondering' kan zeer vermoeiend zijn.Op momenten dat het mij teveel dreigde te worden schakelde ik gewoonlijk over op 'dromen',dromen over het eindresultaat,over kleuren en sferen.
    Als ik nu de fotoos terugzie van de renovaties in mijn huis,glimlach ik.
    The best is yet to come! maar geniet nu ook al maar;)

  6. I will have to read this to Phil, that was so sweet! I cringed at your insulation picture!

  7. I love this! My husband used to work in construction, and he would appreciate your ode to builders : )

    Love your choice of adjectives here:

    "this is a post, especially for my soft, sweet, steel iron builders"


  8. Oh, sounds like you have a lot to think about!

  9. Oh yes, renovations do keep one up at night! Pondering, pondering if it will all work out in the end. I'm sure you're glad that the work is coming to an end. One of the things I learned about the renovation of our house was that I was more at ease knowing how it all was put together, the feeling that if something broke it could be fixed. Construction was much less a mystery after that.

    Love your post on pondering! Cheers~
    P.S. Thank you for stopping by to say hello.

  10. Ja verbouwen...betekent ook heel veel peins uurtjes..en ook fijne droom uurtjes natuurlijk!
    Ik kan me voorstellen dat je hierna er helemaal mee klaar bent bikkel!

  11. oooh dit herken ik helemaal, wij hadden dat bij de zolder, uiteindelijk zijn we het zelf maar gaan doen ;)

  12. Isn't it amazing to go from one thing to another? We built our home, so went from nothing there to a happy abode. Next we'll probably find a home to travel the renovation road.

  13. Every home task we say this is it no more, but then when the next idea comes our way we seem to forget the pain of the last one! I think it is because we think of our home as a safe haven and when it is turned upside down it turns our lives in the same direction. Soon it will be over and you will have peace and new view. xo

  14. i will add my voice to joyce and tania's - it's a bit like childbirth isn't it? you forget all the bad bits once it's over and yes, please, write a self-help book, especially your magic spell for getting builders to listen to you!

    looking forward to the "after" corner views!

  15. it certainly looks like there is a lot to ponder about here ... lovely post :)

  16. Great story! We just did mini happy with the changes, it's hard to imagine how it was before.

  17. I'm just totally impressed you have time to ponder and your head hasn't imploded :)

    zet 'em op, jij, eh! :)

  18. wow. is that insulation?
    my husband and I finished a house in italy. while it's the dream of some, i can assure you that i'll never do that again. EVER. Okay, well maybe if I had a million dollar, or better, a million Euro AND all the time in the world . . . then maybe I'd consider it. Maybe.
    Have a great day.