corner view ≈ december holidays

mist rolling in from (our own little) mull of kintyre.... ☻
what's this about winter holidays? have i got winter holidays planned? i fear not. time off work, yeah, which we will spend well, as in sensible. 

unwrapping bow ties. huh?
will actually organize the biggest (moving-after-renovation) unwrapping do ever. for x-mas. will have to organize all that. son will come in handy. 

dad and his son, at the end of summer
son and his dad, for they will have time off too. will of course dig up plenty of ooohhhh's and aaahhhh's. that'll be our winter holidays. for sure. 

from the studio, somewhere in a box to unwrap...
and boy, am i looking forward to all that. are you's? theme thought up by theresa, original corner view idea by jane.


  1. how i love those crocheted hearts!

  2. oh i think you will be very happy! except for the kitchen situaton. it will be a creative challenge for you. bonnes fetes!!!!

  3. moving in holiday time!!
    well I wish you a lot of jingle and joy and happiness!

  4. The crocheted hearts are cute and remind me a wafers! Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

  5. I have no holidays planned, but I think I'll have a lot a nice moments, like you!!

    Merry Christmas!

  6. What an exciting (and busy) time for you! Happy Holidays!

  7. mmm exciting..I wish you a lot of oohs & aahs this christmas Nadine :)!