a home at the end of the world (m. cunningham)

i don't think we have ever had this kind of snow the last few years. not that i'm complaining, but since i have the use of l's car next couple of days, to start moving boxes over from temporary residence to the new, old house, i cannot say i'm too amused. i try not to fret, i pull all the zen books i have in possession from the cupboard, but i find i am generally and totally sapped into watching romantic movies, to keep my mind from more pressing, hand-tight matter. 

oh well, and yes, thinking up plans as i'm watching the movies, and hooking myself into oblivion, that too. 

and in between all that a huge book event in ghent and unexpected improvising in l's kitchen, since the longed for pizza had left the freezer (try bread pizza instead, with leftovers, dusted with pecorino piccante, slowly, slowly baked in an ordinary pan with lid. do not forget you have a pizza on the go though). 

for those who are wondering, i am afraid i will not be kitchen equiped for the holidays. i will not be for the longest time, if ever. i am actually looking into bying a magnetron/classic oven combo to tie us over the next six months. i don't know whether i'll live, but chances are i may. 

unexpected opportunities everywhere, always. wishing you that too. because we are. i mean it. ☻


  1. Once we moved from an old old house to a new old house in winter too. We had sold the old old house and the deal included it would be free on the 1st of January. There was snow, ice,and lots and lots of boxes. Few hours before midnight 31 December we closed the old old houses door behind us. At midnight we opened the first bottle of champagne in our new old house and watched firework in the distance. Immensely tired but feeling very good and happy we made it.
    We lived on the first floor 'till summer there was nothing downstairs but lots of work.
    When I look at photos of that period I smile, I have warm,happy memories.
    You will be fine, you willxxxxxxxxx

  2. well, we don't have snow here in florida, but we have had freezing temps here lately, and i have been hibernating myself... so i can't imagine moving in the midst of snow!

  3. Yes, we are ***

    The only reason to like snow : a house with books ;)

  4. I know what you mean Momma.....It's tough to keep you spirits up! Next year I can't wait to see your beautifuly decorated home!