the wait {renov # 12}

we need to cheer ourselves up. sometimes cheering literally hangs up in the air; shines in the sky, like diamonds.
railway bridge
as i was walking the road from the new, old (still not inhabited) house, i was slapped around the ears with this vanilla sky that turned fiery as i crossed the railway bridge.
school chapel
that happened after i'd passed the school chapel that glistened the brightest yellow. was it snow announcing itself brightly and sprightly?
festive decor, no?
or was it a keen show, for all of us who desperately need it? latest on the renov front : we might be in at x-mas. oh bright, oh joy, that carol!!! ☻[all pictures taken on mobile, therefore ruthless editing needed]
station square


  1. Hang on,hang on ,everything is gonna be alright!
    Ik wens voor jou dat je vlug in je nieuwe huis kan wonen en je terug je eigen plek hebt.Er komt altijd zo'n moment dat je het allemaal achter de rug wil hebben. Hou vol en let the beautiful Belgian skies be an encouragement ;) Liefs x Renilde

  2. zal wel een leuke kerstkado zijn!!

    en van mij even een ander berichtje:
    I have changed my name (bit stupid, because now nobody can't find me) from two lilies into susi art, because that is my 'art name'!
    But it does feel better!!

  3. wow! now you can never leave the house without your camera!

  4. I'd like to step into your mind sometime and look around!

  5. Beautiful words and images. I am often cheered up just by looking at the sky! It's like a constantly changing canvas hung above just for our pleasure ... if we remember to look!

  6. Ja, hou nog even vol! Ben zeer benieuwd of je er volgende week al in zit misschien? Ik hoop het zo voor je!