is it king?
is it kong?
it's zaza, the craziest cat this side of the planet
"now wait a cotton pickin' minute!"
♥ ♥ ♥ cheerful update on earlier post : i did get four to's and fro's out of today! slowly, meticulously, constantly and happily i drove boxes to the house, did not slip from the slippery roads, ordered someone around, praised son for his steady studying. if only you could have seen me smirking.... gaily.
the new phone line works, and well.... we will move! thank you ötli, leslie, heidi and renilde for your loveliness and understanding... this is something else!... but it looks like i'm not the only one who's doing such a thing. olé! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. You are moving, that's great! I do hope you have a stove or proper heating, if not a proper kitchen - it's awfully cold here too, right now it's just below zero, but no snow.

  2. love those photos! stay warm, and happy christmas!

  3. Oh Nadine, je bent aan het "moven" wat fijn,naar je nieuwe oude huis!Maar dat je daar toch nu mee bezig kunt zijn geeft vast nieuwe energie!Hoop wel dat je verwarming hebt!

    Zet 'm op! xxx Ingrid

  4. I'm so excited for you and your son now a little unpacking and your set and ready to entertain!!
    take a trip?

  5. that cat is absolutely adorable!!! i LOVE his face. and so glad you are happy with the progress... road safety, a son who studies, and a working phone line are all things to smile about!

  6. I love Zaza! What a perfect name for him, too.

  7. My mom could not remember Kitton's name. She called her Kitoon. She waas a Kitoon a cartoon! Into everything!