drawing | bed and board

inner monologue: when in doubt, persevere, trying to get an idea on paper. you should know i was so convinced when on a walk earlier this week. i saw this picture, and figured, 'bed and board!'. so this would be it, i thought. i pastel coloured a sheet of drawing paper, glued two tissuepaper layers over the top for texture and slithered down into doubt from there. doubt is beautiful though. i recommend it. ☻ ariane came up with a multi layered theme, go check out her gathering. ♥

as an extra, and as i was drawing {and doubting} away, this silly picture popped to mind. it was snapped a few years ago, in a second hand furniture shop. i thought the owner's way of displaying was fancy. and probably a result of luck. as subject matter, i sense 'bed and board' here too.... fyi, the backgrounds are real. this bed stood in front of a wall to wall window.


  1. i really like your drawing of the theme! the coulors and the small leaves, also the fine lines.
    have a fine weekend!

  2. What a heart-quickening experience to see first your gorgeous image that you drew/created, and I was just enjoying your visual art so much and was thinking of what I'd say about it, and then to come across that visual of the real bed in front of the real scene. Breath taking indeed. You captured the feel of it just completely perfectly Nadine. I slip into doubt many, many, many times. I don't always find a way out, but when I do, artistically speaking, it is a joy. Your post was a joy to me. Hugs, Norma, xo

  3. Both beds are very inviting, and such joyful shades of green. Good to enjoy it while it is still here!

  4. Dear Nadeschda,
    your gentle drawing touches my heart. Love it, of course, how you have discoverd 'bed and board' in the landscape and how you have adapted it from the photo (saw it on fb)! How you experiment with the tissue... fabulous texture

    Doubt is a good guide...

    and that place of the bed, Holy moly!, I would lay across, peer outside.

    Thank you for playing... lovely to imagine how you close down your notebook today and make this beautiful drawing, Dear!

    xo Ariane.

  5. Oh, I would love to wake up in that bedroom ... what a sweet view!

  6. what a sweet and gentle drawing
    so Ariane-isch, so fitting her
    i love the layering, the soft tomes, the fine lines
    but than
    that image.... wauw....
    what a perfect scene

    thank you!
    Patrice A.

  7. Your artwork is wonderful, the colors, the layers, the lines. And talking lately about walking around and nature it totally makes sense to me. BUT! This bed seemingly beeing in nature with view to a little river makes me want to get my bed out of the house immediately! Well o.k. I might wait a day or two its raining not cats and dogs, but at least dogs.
    Love and big big hug

  8. Exquisite drawing, N - and the photo actually reminds me of my own bed's location in front of a window that overlooks the woods and beach.
    xxoo, sus

  9. Such a wonderful drawing! It reminds me of a head board and a gate as well- like the bed is a gateway to dreams :)

  10. LOVE the textures (and i want to nap on that bed in front of that window!)

  11. Your work is wonderful!
    I love the texture on the background and the composition is excellent too!

  12. Stunning, this one!

    You've had a good summer then, have you? (Trying to catch up on blogs, sometimes I can comment, sometimes I can't, technology is baffled).


  13. Even if doubt is one of my best friends in life, it was absolutely superfluous here. What you did is a wonderful piece of art, which has a strong mood effect on me, full of calm and stability. I think it's even more beautiful in real because of its collaged surface.
    And the photo! Who wouldn't want to lay there in bed and stare into this scenery the whole day?! My bed and board took me some time, too, but not because of doubt, just because of a lack of time... ;o)

  14. Artist!!!! Love your work, always impressive!!!

    Wow!!! What a view!!! I could sit and stare for hours. I could persevere in these surroundings. So the background is real? How frustrating if it were not. When I was a kid I would become so frustrated with a painting that hung in my parents room. It was a field of sunflowers and a path going down the middle and far away was a tiny abode. i wanted to much to jump into that painting. I thought it was somewhere around me but my mother told me it was not. UGH! After that I became angry from frustration.