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when i walk and i happen upon a small wood and lined up trees, i rejoice. here's a sight adversely wild to me, aligned trees standing tall. year in, year out their only worry seems to be growing. tall. i always sense there is a lot to learn for me, on a spot as such.

i used scraps from natural history decoupage {from another project} to patchwork together dreamy birch trees. i covered them up with a template i stamped with a freshly cut courgette head, not that it shows. you will find my latest walk here {here's a tip to start back the flickr slideshow of old, which has disappeared in the new layout. when you add the word /show, at the end of the flickr url i suggest here above, and then press enter, the trusted slideshow will be retrieved! enjoy.}.

i thank you all, dear challengers, for your enthusiasm for this week's theme and i also sense a great excitement for pulling into practice our collective dream of meeting up and having a go at a live drawing challenge. this dream can grow into a manifold event, i am quite convinced. please do not hesitate to communicate your favoured july 2014 date. we will settle for a specific date pretty soon, and will let you know thereupon. please find all spirited drawing entries below here, tinyWOOLF takes a bow. ♥


  1. thanks for the invitation! I love the forest, yours and the one on that picture, it´s always impressing, forest is power and kind of mystic - that´s just nature!
    and yes, thanks for your planing about a meeting next summer! wow I want to be part of it for sure. July I have to admit is a very busy month for me... 11th is my son´s birthday. And there are some other family events every year in July, every year July and August are busy months for us. I have to take a look in the agenda 2014... I prefer the end of July but not the first weekend of August!! I have to take a look for the holiday start...
    but for now: Have a nice weekend!
    x Stefanie

  2. swilhelmsson@gmail.com

    here we go!

  3. i love lined up trees, especially birch trees
    yhey remind me of Finland, my brother, Ritva....
    your trees looks fine!!
    and i like the decoupage
    it really looks like birches

    thanks for this fine theme
    it made my walks in the Woods with the dog
    even more intense than normal

    Patrice A.

  4. I love your trees! And I have the same as Patrice: the picture reminds me also of Finnland. I have a picture which looks almost the same. Trees a wonderful, they have such power.... I like your drawing as well, the calming colours of nature....and the way you made it, that's great!
    (p.s.: glad I could make you laugh;-) and that you don't mind what I did to your theme...)

  5. I love the collage of the first picture!
    Warm greetings from rather treeless Paris!

  6. i feel just the same about trees. they are like spirit guides. lovely collage, lovely photo.

  7. I wish you lived closer I would bring you in for show and tell and help me with art.....these are beautiful, what more could I expect from you though!
    I hope you had a fab trip!

  8. Lovely collage! And thanks so much for this week's challenge. It made for some lovely ponder time while out walking the dog.

  9. Oh for the love of trees! Such beauty! I love both your created trees and the photos of the real ones. Always inspirational. Thanks for the challenge this week.

  10. such a lovely post. i love trees, so many of us do. they are some of my best friends ;-)
    plus they are so important to life on planet earth.

    your art and photography are both a joy to see.

    thank you for hosting this week and for your wonderful prompt.

  11. Nadine, thanks so much for the theme and the invitation to join in again! Your collage is lovely and the get together is wildly exciting for me. I hope, pray, beg, save, scheme, beg some more that I will be able to join you all. xo Carole

  12. Thank you, Nadine, for the wonderful theme! Your trees are inspiring and beautiful x Leena

  13. Wonderful, beautiful drawing and process.
    I love your reflections too on the trees and their pure `being`-ness.
    Can feel your awe and admiration for their natural state and as we always draw paint etc something that is a reflection of ourselves, I sense your organic beauty and spirit in them, and that you too are living in a sense of awe at being here! Well, thats what comes across to this tree lover here, on a suburban strip that is being de-treed by the minute!!

  14. Back again for an overwhelming walk through nature with you! Your photos made me feel like walking along your side (again!) and even made me smell and hear the plants.
    Your tree collage is just WOW! I really really love this and the comparison to the real is the icing on the cake! Now I'll go and spend my lazy sunday pondering about nothing else but growing in life... ;o)

  15. Dear Nadeschda,
    your trees are lovely! That foggy, dreamy surrounding let me feel my perception sharpened. A distant whisper sounds loud... and your patchworked trees are telling stories... or movies? or a kind of slideshow ;)

    Thank you very much for hosting. That theme is overwhelming for me, no end in sight... and, aren't we nature, too?
    All is one.
    See ya in 2014 (all the latest!)
    xo Ariane.

  16. Fascinating and mysterious place of trees, Nadine. This was a good challenge. Thank you for the theme.
    xxoo, sus

  17. after a good but busy weekend i start my tour, such a wonderful theme you gave us my dear!

    your trees, both the photo and work are fascinating and have a wonderful kind of mystery too,
    your work,how you pictured the soul of the birch tree is really fantastic, its skin(bark)like almost tangible.

    your words leave me smiling,thanks, xx

  18. your green, green walk, the energy of all things growing beautiful each one of them in their own way, x

  19. Dear Nadine, I really like idea and making of your birch tree and find relatives on my collages too and I would say that your version of birch tree adds more light mystery and a delicate sense of nature than the realistic one does.
    And I really enjoyed mentally walking with you along the river, a pleasure as always and found that we made a few nearly similar pics too... sisters in mind, hu?
    Your artwork would also work for the next dc I'm hosting, please feel invited!
    Love + hugs

  20. You would love Woodville with it's many lines of trees. Many, many...I do love yours though xxoo

  21. Dear Nadine, your green walk work it's so magical and love all these green light mystery.
    Thanks for the amazing theme, I enjoy tons this drawing challenge.

    Have a nice day :)

  22. I so agree a stand of tree's together like that is always a "stopper" for me- contemplating I think the stillness of a group and time and natural composition- so many things coming together- I love you collage, in response to such a wonderful sight :)
    and keeping my thoughts on meeting everyone next year too!

  23. There really is something about straight trees growing towards the sun, growing tall and perfect. They are like living icons. This theme was so great Nadine. Isn't it interesting how a common thing can speak to so many folk and be important to us all. I really like the collage effect of the bark. Wonderful artwork as always, friend! N, xo

  24. mmmmmm
    those top trees you've made are so beautiful!

  25. so much green lush life...i love what you did with flickr! the diff sizes of images - a wonderland of greens and growth. really nice! i've ignored flickr ever since they changed. but now you have inspired me to take a second look!

  26. nadine, nadine! your walk to schendelbeke is sosososo beautiful!! have you met baronie van boelare?? I think she had worn a great hat with peacocks feathers...
    your trees ar beautiful too - my fav trees are birches, yes!
    we meet us next year - I'm sure!!

  27. a live drawing challenge? in person? wow!
    i like how you're including notes on your techniques - courgettes included. i need to join these challenges of yours, and force myself to actually start drawing, something I've always intended/hoped to do.

  28. THAT is perfectly wonderful. I adore it!