drawing | fern & paris I - classique

variations on a theme have been on my mind. as i walked, talked, stopped, listened, looked. the funny thing also was, i wondered about the garden at home. and about the one fern i keep. the one that sits in darkness, and thrives in the afternoon humidity. as i joined the morning queue to finally witness ron mueck's fabulous work on boulevard raspail in the 6ème arrondissement, i wondered about my sweet little fern back home. to kill time standing in line, i started drawing what i was missing. 

norma loves ferns. she keeps some this weekend. i'm slowly easing my way back into blogland. soon, paris paraphernalia will pop up everywhere, like curly fern. SPECIFIC PARIS SERIES. DOWN HERE BELOW. enoy. ♥


  1. refreshing image
    and lovely drawings
    you are back on track!?

    nice, NICE!

    Patrice A.

  2. hihi, you make me smile! I love what you wrote: missing your little fern at home;-) it's sounds so very sweet. Ans the drawing is gooood!

  3. I just had the best cup of coffee catching up with you this morning ...someday from across a table, I hope! Heidi

  4. nadine, i have just visited ariane and norma, and i feel that you *all* have captured fern-ness - which is very impressive to me. fern-ness is quite elusive, i feel...

    your fern leaf makes me know instantly the energy of a fern...


  5. Un petit coucou du Sud Ouest.
    J'ai déjà admiré tes photos parisiennes!

  6. Honey! I just want to call you honey, looking at this drawing. I am so impressed. It is so so great. Those lines! That strong graphic image and take on 'fern.' Brilliant and stunning. And I too find it endearing that you care about the sole fern at your home. You have put a big smile on my face Nadine. N, x

  7. Hi, Nadine! I like your fern drawings - and your last post, which I had missed somehow!
    Summer is drawing too quick to a close. I am dragging my feet and making the most of the sun. Best wishes, sus

  8. your nostalgic ferns are lovely to see
    i love that you made them your own ~

  9. Looks like perfect light for fern drawing.