drawing | chaos and {street} {dis}order

a good few sundays ago i set off early to montmartre. i'd drawn myself an itinerary. temperatures quickly rose formidably and in an overheated state i decided to rather follow my instincts {and an alluring metro-underground poster}, leading me to the musée guimet, to attend a simply gorgeous textiles exhibition on the tsutsugaki way of indigo dyes, using rice water resist for wax. yes. that is a mouthful, i agree.

from a chaotic heat outside to an airy upstairs gallery in a brilliantly cool museum specializing in eastern art; it was a first for me, and a welcome change from intolerable temps. as i strolled through japan, china, india and so forth, i kept on groping at my chaotic scrap of paper, at the bottom of my bag by now, having gotten torn and crumpled, between an overdue sandwich and an unidentifiable piece of fruit.

however, no crescendo to my story. but oh! is it ever nice today to draw back on the memory of the steps i took, the streets i walked, the chaos of the moment. which also means, by jotting it down yet again... i end up on order street, a most engaging state of mind. more chaos, perhaps also order, chez barbara this weekend. 


  1. what a fine drawing!
    makes me want to go to Paris
    (but i will go to Venice instead ;^)))
    the walk like pearls
    and you have been stamping, no?!
    i love that old map too!!

    have a fine weekend sweet friend
    you will be on my mind
    while walking those Streets! ;^))


  2. Hi Nadine, I guess as a normally well organized person I gave you bit of a hard time dealing with this theme. Giggle
    One recognizes the neat and organized people from the fact that he has his post ready on time at Saturday morning while the slob has yet to work on it. More giggles.
    I like your drawing a lot with a lot of structure and tiny bits of chaos.
    P.S. The green guys at my place are called Mike (all of them, what causes confusion) from Monster AG, the 3 eyed guy is a different one, but I don't know his name.

  3. I love maps and this one is very special. I looks like it should be stitched in fabric.

  4. Ha, that was one idea I had in mind. Funny I didn't do it. Love abstract city street patterns. Your Paris map is wonderful. I'd love to have a whole city map collection like this. So much lovelier than ordinary ones!

  5. how wonderful to hear of how you cooled in your hot day
    to hear of the rice resist
    and then to see your artful map
    which pulls it all together

  6. a great wonderful lovely beautiful paris map! please, please loan it to me when I'm visit paris!

  7. Ohh, first I have to order your flood of informations, dearest Nadeschda :)
    the old map... wonderful (btw at Bastille is living my friend in a fantastic chaos... artist, you know? cost 2 days minimum to realize all the beautiful 'things' in her single chamber). The white circle.. as I have told you, a real quiet place with all possibilities (order and chaos!)
    Next, 'using rice water resist as wax'... what?? I have to try it! And, would I be in Paris I would run to that musée guimet, for sure! Thanks for the hint :)
    In my mind your bag... okay, further to your fabulous drawn map of Paris, City of Love... love it how you mark the Arrondissements (didn't know the order of a spiral before...) love your way... but you walked it on one single day?? Love the little pearls, the patterns, your handwriting.... the scale. One kind of keeping the overview, a kind of order.
    Chaos and order... there is no 'either...or', but 'both.. and', no?

    Love to you
    (and thank you for your sweet words, makes me melting...)
    xo Ariane.

  8. Ι love you chaotic map of Paris!

    and the nature theme work very very much.

    Oh Nadine there is hardly time to post on my blog.
    Came from greece last Monday and got straight to loooots of real life.

    love you
    and thank you for remembering me on the dc's.

    I'll try my best to keep up ;)

  9. Brilliant drawing, nadine! and what a great memory. nothing like a cool museum on a hot day abroad! for me, it was singapore and the museum of asian culture...
    xxoo, sus

  10. haha, you make 'your chaotic hot summer's afternoon in paris' come alive here for my very eyes, the heat in red and brown and the blue coolness, the white dots (your instinct that has to be followed because it always brings you beautiful surprises...and me too)
    whatever the theme is your work always has that optimistic, humurous quality, i love that, xx

  11. i would have loved to see that show....love the overlapping squares imprinted (rubbed?) onto the background of your map. and your "overdue" sandwich! xoxo!

  12. beautiful post! i find that the unintentional blurry photo fits very well with your process, from chaos of sort to order.