drawing | reef

the design of reef in my opinion comes close to my all time favorite of wrought iron design: lines and curves that flow and float. i pushed my luck on paul auster's novel (brooklyn follies) p. 164, which didn't do it for me. the reading, i mean. 

so i took the follies on the train last week and started colouring in wavy reef lines, adding a whim by highlighting some 'r''s, 'e''s and 'f''s, in a restricted colour palette (simply because i had limited choice in my travel pen case). i could have kept going! fischefrauen's DC. 

a nice side kick to this week's DC was that i gently, haphazardly got drawn back into the novel. not to finish it, but sail through some parts of it. smiling, from time to time. because auster's style always makes me smile. have a good weekend, y'all!


  1. Ha ha ha, I love it! The most wonderful repurpose of a bad-ish book I'd say. Also love the image of the bather. Running on tip toe...how genteel. :D

  2. lovely watery seaweedy piece
    i enjoy the flow
    and the fun of the letters
    i also like the lower piece
    good weekend to you too!

  3. I like your playing with text and image. The ambulance? Googling the book I noticed it's a book about survival:) - eric

  4. I like the reef. Good weekeind to you too

  5. 'Auster' in German is an oyster, hehe, the underwater world, dearest Nadeschda!
    and, I remember, that when we met here in drawing challenge land for the first time, YOU was the brave woman,
    who draw on book sides. And you still are!
    I love your work here! The 'e' and that floating, the zones of different colours... marvelous.
    The detail of the vintage seaside poster is lovely and in the right color shade :-)

    I noticed, that you will host after Veronica. Ok.

    xoxx Love, Ariane. Rose

  6. Auster toch wel een van mijn favorieten
    maar die tekening past er prachtig in en bij
    zoals Ariane zegt, oester, ha!

    ik kan je zien zitten
    in de trein
    glimlachend tekenen
    met zwart en blauw


  7. Cool, a very nice interpretation of reef...I like old books turned into something new and exciting.

  8. embracing the things we can't not love instantly. you'll always amaze me with your perspectives on things and story. and thank you for the most beautiful paul auster page. ever!


  9. Haha, this is so you again! What a piece of artwork! Selecting letters, drawing into books...and the outcome is so surprising! *applause* You are my "ambulance" today, "smile ambulance" I'd say. ;-) And that poster...ha, love the detail so much!
    The Hase table is reserved! :-)

  10. I just heard that today was your birthday, or where you are: yesterday. I hope you had a lovely day and this year is absolutely wonderful for you!

  11. Oh Nadine, I can see you sitting on the train circling and sketching taking no notice of the scenery outside. How naughty! Your colour palette is perfect for the reefs of the deep blue sea. I hope your week goes swimmingly for you. xo

  12. I didn´t take part in this dc...that´s why the trees ;-)))

  13. Love the way the letters and the lines are dancing.

  14. LoVe the reef drawing... and use of the use of the less-than-resonating page!

  15. I like it when you put your words and photographs together. It is a 'Gesamtkunstwerk', which I would like to see in 'reality'. Greetings Tom ;)

  16. Fabulous photos! I so need to get out more! I need more inspiration.