drawing | 森林浴

dear, dear viewer. i will call on your imagination this weekend. all the best objectives ordained, multiple house chores, late sales and food shopping, cooking & relaxing are standing between me and the forest this sunday of relative freedom.

must say though the sunday isn't sunny either. it's been rain and rain. and then some more rain. i managed to get soaked three times yesterday. to say that i've had enough is nighing on understating my exact feelings on today's weather. 

and so i'm pulling on images from (an equally cloudy) spring sunday, which might hold enough forest dreaming. these are images from the bruges 2015 triënnale i never showed. i picked out the greener bits. it's actually coming together for a spot of forest bathing. almost.

so thank you, veronica, for hosting this week's imaginary DC. i had another collage idea cooking up in my mind, but i'm letting go of that one too. back burner and all that. although right now? chicken stew on for vol-au-vents. thank you, beautiful chicken.  ♥


  1. Good choice of photos, I'm enjoying them.
    this weekend turned out completely different to what I had planned.
    Wife has come down with the flu, so I found myself buying food cooking. Not that tnis is a bad thing, because I enjoy cooking. It distracts my mind to thing like 'Hope I get the sauce right' or 'Hope I haven't overseasoned the mushrooms' instead of stressy work stuff.
    But I shouldn't really be going on about my weekeind here.

  2. It seems to be a quiet Sunday for most of us, dear Nadine Nadeschda.
    Outside there is even here rain and rain and a little bit storm and - rain. So I am happy to sit on my sofa and watching your pretty summer photos with greens. I admire the work by Nathan Coley: A Place Beyond Belief. Your photo taken from this point of view punctuates its meaning, mmmmh delicious!
    I am curios about your new theme for our drawing challenge...
    Love, Ariane. Rose xoxx

  3. We have fresh snow here and on the morning ther was a little bit of sunshine. And a quit sunday too. Love the Treehouses.

  4. the first photo inspires peace for me
    the others a joy to see as well
    weather is a strong presence in life
    to be honored
    lovely week to you

  5. raining in l.a. too. hope it was a good weekend! mine was "peak cat" and it little foodie-ing. xo

  6. Oh will the rain never stop? Our rainy walk in the forest this week kept my camera tucked in the case. I too had to pull from older work. Shall we be complaining to the forest in August when the sun dries up the luscious greens and we are melting from heat? Have a marvellous week, Nadine. xo

  7. But that first image is so magical it makes up for the whole terribly winter weather and exhaustion. It's a bit depressing here on the West Coast of Canada too. Looking at the weather app shows days and days of solid rain. it's a good thing we have our art to make a little sunshine with any time we need it. Spring is just around the corner now. :D

  8. Oh yes, treehouses...Love them! - eric

  9. I like the progression of images from looking out the window to the trees holding their tiny houses. From inside to insides outside, if you get what I mean....