rhythm {reprise}

when i look back at my rhythm contribution of march 2011, having just moved into our house, writing my blogposts from a make do table under the skylight window in a room that has since become my bedroom... well, life looked very different then. 

i suppose the rhythm of those days was still very much adrift. although in a sense it wasn't, because everything fell into place, after months of hectic upheaval and renovation, lobbing swift lunches together and working for the pretty penny to top it all off. 

when moving house was finally done, our daily lives ran into that smooth river again, instead of the wide open sea. we've enjoyed that rhythm, through many potholes indeed. lately i've been working fulltime, which prooved to be a downright challenge. 

come march my beloved 20 hour working weeks resume. i may fall prone to a choppy sea for wanting to finish a few home projects {OMG, i'm so excited}, but i am so looking forward to actual time at the drawing board!  

i'll have pace and breath to elaborate on posts, taking the opportunity to guide you through my springtime exhibition preps. even if the present rhythm calls for patience indeed, that exciting countdown is forgiving. first veronica's rhythms this weekend... ♥
i confess, i haven't made anything new i can show {yet} for the weekend. it is now 15:20 and i just want to say hi and post this. X
AS ALWAYS : more info when hovering the images!! 


  1. I'm glad for the extra info, so interesting to learn how you made those dots!
    a return to a shorter office schedule is definitely something to look forward to!

  2. and a X to you
    your post makes me smile
    knowing your home a little
    and the 'not making anything new'
    same here ;^))


  3. Oh my dear Nadine, you had me at the first photo! I can;t help it. Every time I see my home town in some form...even a simple graphic...my whole heart goes out to it. Love it to pieces. But look at you go. Even saying hi like this you've answered to your rhythm beautifully. :D

  4. Nothing new? This was all new to me, so thank you for taking me round again. ;-) Hope this year will soon beat in some more relaxing rhythm for you, for us. Love that print in the last picture, at first I thought it would be some kind of vintage fabric. :-D

  5. Good news!
    You'll have time to find your rhythm again.
    I'm so happy for you.
    Chat soon?

  6. lovely to see your photos
    your art
    hear of rhythms changing
    leaning into the future
    wishing you joy each step

  7. Well, there's Always something new to discover on your blog... eric

  8. it´s so warm and cosy here. i´ve missed that. :) imitating life i suppose.:) big hugs n

  9. life does get in the way sometimes but I have a feeling that you are creative in everything you do

  10. It runs...and sometimes we even notice it.
    Creative moment leave a little footprint

  11. life does seems to have its ebbs and flows. Hope you have a wonderful week! We are cozy by the fire waiting on the said predicted snow. So far only rain, but school has been canceled. I didn't mind as it meant we could sleep in and then we all sat around the table and ate a nice German Fruhstruck which is so rare around our house as we are always to busy running from one place to another.