thank you, mr. gorey

okay. edward gorey. our cartoon teacher has ofttimes requested our likes in cartoon land. i never reached beyond billy bunter, or charlie brown & co. but now i'm set. now, i'm all ears, or rather eyes!

i acquired a compilation of some 15 cartoons fetchingly called amphigorey. and I AM SET. my train ride into aalst early this morning cajoled from my wide awake mind more than just a chuckle or two. traveling along the sides of mr earbrass, i was in for an amazing adventure. 

mr earbrass writing his new novel, introduced me to gorey's evocative, at times absurd vocabulary, jolly situational upheaval and plain right silliness of the kind that makes one laugh out loud. SO silly and absurd is life, after all.  

praised by some, loathed by others, i burn a candle for an illustrator who dared write about the inevitable down side of life: the morose, the dark and the evil, and getting away with it without too much stick. you've heard about the gashleycrumb tinies, i presume. 

if you do not, be sure to look them up, for their adventures will crack you up. to state his invigorating talent {both in drawing and writing the words that match so well} inspires me, is the understatement of the year. fully conscious of the fact, obviously, the year is young. 

but thanks, mr edward gorey, mystery cartoonist, for giving just what i need to muddle on, on my narrow path of self discovery, allowing me to cross some lines. i need this mental liberty. incidentally, saw above avant-premiere. in severe, several minds about that. 


  1. Giggling on the train at such silliness. I presume the ticket collector laughed along with you! I'll see if any Gorey books are available at the bookstores or library. My grandkids need to meet him. Thanks, Nadine. xo Carole

  2. A bit of a difficult post for me, I find it hard to follow. But very well drawn.

  3. Oh, I had that when I returned from France. Sat in the train, read a book about death and giggled and laughed a lot. I was a bit worried that my neighbour, a nice and friendly elderly lady knitting socks, would consider me to be totally off my trolley, but hey...maybe I am? I have to dive a bit deeper into those Gorey Cartoons (and into the english language) to fully grasp them, but the film...the film! What a pity you're not around the corner, otherwise I'd join to watch it! Best wishes and last not least: thank you so much for your letter! As I have been away I just received it yesterday! :-*

  4. I am not much of a cartoon reader, but this cartoon looks brilliant.

  5. I'm definitely still only a Charlie Brown cartoon person!