as i'm sifting through images from the fictional movie made on daphne du maurier's life, i stumble upon image after image, concerning her private life and the much speculated gay aspect of it. it throws me a little. du maurier was a gifted writer who had a private life. spotlights glaring on anyone's personal life may be trivial to literary capacities of an artist.

having said that, i may also be biased by my lasting addiction to anything anglophile, especially if the brazen sea and an old fashioned mansion are involved. having been exposed to a televised series on rebecca at a vulnerably young age, it may have blindfolded me for any future reference. still. we all have our dreams and yearnings which we chase.

is this why a collection of short stories jumps amidst the few things i pack for the weekend? or is it, a pocket sized book is about all that i can muster, walking some familiar streets, and gratefully discovering a few new ones.

☻ {the drawing challenge should publish itself on time}. will be back after the weekend. have yourselves a roaring one. weekend, that is. ♥


  1. i'm a du maurier fan, myself. have a grand weekend!

  2. "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again"...Rebecca was one of my favourite novels when I was at school, I must dig it out and read it again. Have a lovely weekend Ms Woolf x

  3. I love Du Mauriers novels and stories, and couldn't care less what her personal life was all about. (There is the outer world, with all kinds of facts and figures, and there is the inner world. I am only interested in the inner world of other artists and writers. After all, the inner world is closest to who they really are.)

    Great banner BTW!

  4. I really love that you posted on Du Maurier, LOVE IT! Rebecca was my introduction to the world of Du Maurier.