in the middle of {london tales}

yes. cemeteries feel green, apart from the grey. when city guides say london is a green city, they do not joke. hampstead heath is so large you feel right in the middle of the countryside when you find yourself, well, in the middle of the heath. even the predictable sounds of traffic 'outside' disappear. i will come back to the heath later on, but first things first. down the south lies dulwich.

i've wanted to come here before. the last time it got so snowy, i didn't even bother. this morning though, the day feels crisp and shiny, much contrary to the weather forecasts. before long both my feet and back get overheated (not a thing you want when traveling). i need to sit myself down plenty of times. {i sound like an old woman!}

anyway. horniman's nature trail is impressive, is it not? straight into lewisham, there we have it. again. the feel of a meadow, the excitement of a mysterious pathway, the smell of manure... you never know whom you may encounter. the notorious gamekeeper, perhaps? {sure, woolf, dream on.}

which is not to say i am not having fun making my way through unexpected landscapes. if you get tired of the hustl'n'bustle of the inner city, do visit a london park. you'll be amazed at the solitude you will find. and grab yourselves plenty o' cafeine on the way... ☻

{more london photos here.}


  1. Oh, that makes me want to eventually travel to London.

  2. When I ever walked trough London parks I always thought how lovely would it be doing it alone. Sitting on those beautiful striped chairs and read,or watch people playing around or kids having fun.
    I love your views from THE city,my favourite one in the world.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it the way I would have done it:)

  3. That tree is FABULOUS!!! I long to visit a London park...

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  5. I love your storytelling. Great post and really awesome pictures!