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traveling without a sketchbook urges me to scribble a few notes down in my tiny moleskine. having arrived home just now, i realize i want to leave my draft as is. one profession in life i wouldn't have minded is that of property master, always on the look out. it must be an awesome task to go hunting for that one perfect prop which makes the stage play bloom. such as hunting down a broken leg, e.g. i wonder what stephanie & crew has come up with!


  1. That would be a dream job don't forget the glass eye!!
    I'm so tired a friend asked me to clean her house and guess what she has a vagrant bold mouse about.......you know how I feel about that!!!
    so glad your back Momma!

  2. I'd say the best thing anyone could do in life is to enjoy a hobby and make that hobby your job. That would be a pleasure, wouldn't it?

    I wrote down how to comment in my entries.

    Hugs, J.

  3. All the world's a stage...
    dear Nadine! You've got it!
    Your curtain is great and the hats... many charactors are found.
    But: what does it mean 'BREAKING A... LEG?'

    xo Ariane.

  4. oh yes! i am too intruiged by the stuff of sets!
    your hats are marvelous! wearer of many hats...put one on and see who you become!
    thanks for the email, im fine...just WAY TOO BUSY! :) i eat up the summer like a ravenous fool. don't want to miss a minute outside, in the river, in the lake, out under the voluminous and magical clouds!

  5. Haha, that leg,just adding that magic touch to your drawing, love it!
    And there is no doubt that you are a property master at heart ;) xx

  6. Like the way you put the theatre theme into a quick quirky sketch!

  7. Mooi Nadine,intrigerend al die fluisterende mondjes in de gordijnen. Grinnik,en dat verloren been..is hilarisch!

  8. dat been!!!!

    as always you make me smile
    at the moment I am far too busy
    and a bit grumpy

    I like your drawings
    those red lips!

    have to get to work again

  9. These a great sketches. I'd put the entire Moleskine in a frame (opened as you have it here) and hang it on the wall.

  10. ♥Kers♥ Does your mind ever stop!?!♥

  11. I love your sketchbook. Work of art!!!