drawing | city {london tales}

busride 9
into liverpool street
it feels like heaven and a half (and a few fat clouds), when a city trip comes up out of nowhere. i was the lucky one, to go gazing at londons horizon last weekend. so far removed from a natural landscape as is possible, the london cityscape bedazzles me, time and again, as you may have read here

swarm study / III
at the v&a, july 2011
more info here
rachel's choice of the week couldn't have come at a better time. although it did keep me wondering how on earth i was going to tackle the challenge? did i feel like drawing that busy city bustle, the chaos of peak hour, the furtiveness of night? 
ha! night. someone flicked the light on.

my older brothers played a lot of beatles songs and i must have heard the fab four on and off all through my childhood. when as a young adult sitting down to finally watch the magical mystery tour movie, my fingers yearned to go colouring again... the association in my heart and bones trickling in. 

one way or another, i must have been at it with the radio on, full blast, over and over again... 

do you remember the smell of a myriad of fat oil pastels on paper, 

then blanketing over your artwork 

with black gouache, to ha ha! finish off the MAGIC : scratching lines, words, graphs? such fun!

  battersea power station, battersea
the gherkin
, the city
the london eye, southbank

i'm a big fan of city life. i'm curious to come and have a look at your impressions, via rachel! ♥ 
{more london photos here.}


  1. Nadine, I love your photos of London, the Swarm...I wish I could see in person.
    What a fun finish to your post and contribution this week! I always enjoy seeing one's process in creating.
    I love this city and have so much enjoyed seeing it through your lens.

    We're having a lovely weekend here. Zach surprised us and came home for the weekend. I didn't know he was coming till he was at the front door at 1 in the morn. What a romantic. What a guy...

  2. wonderful!
    i am in love with your ferris wheel, thank you for reminding me of the scratch technique! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ julia,
    today i steel some more hearts from you:)

  3. I can smell that magical pastel scent right now. Loving your art work

  4. great pictures
    and story
    and soooo great to see your work
    I dó remember that smell
    and the magic feeling
    while scratching away the black
    thank you for remebering!

  5. out the most fabulous colours and a deep black a city arise, love it, loved that technique too, and i did so much enjoy all of your city tales, xx

  6. Love the video clip....and this was always my favorite art project of all time!

  7. slack-jawed... wow, dear Nadine, my dear magician. Wonderful drawing... scratch marks of the town's landmark. I remember each song of the Beatles and fat oil pastels! Delicious!
    Ariane from Hamburg

  8. I enjoyed your London tales, Nadine. There's so much to do and see in that city!

  9. Wonderful pictures and great story

    Love the smell of the pastel, take my strait to my chill hood...Thanks for this remained...

  10. Hi Nadine!
    Love the photos of LOndon, everything looks beautiful, hope one day could be there! The fat oil pastel colors are amazing!
    It's always a pleasure stop by and admire your art and stories!

  11. Oooh yummy fat pastels! Love those vibrant colors and the process oooh yum.

    I am enjoying lingering through your travels. I so want to be there too!