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i can't count back how many times we sat in front of the screen for woody & co's adventures, dubbed or not. as a matter of fact, dubbed in flemish worked wonders for small children here, as i could read from son's face. and probably from mine too. since toy story was man made after all, famous film quotes emerged.

for me, nothing got better but the sound that came out of the aliens' mouths.  time and again, i gazed at the one that got himself selected by The Claw, enthralled i heard "i have been chosen! farewell, my friends. i go on to a better place." the very paradox of it...
julia's announcement monster didn't half scare me. i wonder what more monsters will emerge this weekend, and whether they'll have something enthralling to say? if so, we could throw ourselves a summer hallow-e'en party? a little monster's ball, perhaps? ☻ 

i will be hosting next week.
new theme : CLOUD


  1. It is fascinating to see where monsters take us..

    I like your three-eyes-green monster and his little sticking out antenna...:-)

  2. third attempt
    my message seems to disappear....

    I like your monster
    it made me laugh out loud
    it is a happy one
    and i liked your text even better
    'always keep an alien in a jar....'

  3. this was a fun post! i like your funny mysterious little photos just as well!

    hope you're finding more fun for us this weekend!

  4. dear nadine, i like your kindly looking three eyed monster a lot, and you are so kind too, because you left a little hole in the bottle cover, so it can breath! CLOUDS is my favorite theme at the moment, so thank you very much for choosing that! I AM happily IN! ♥♥♥ julia

  5. haha 'always keep an alien in a jar ...' i'll remember that for a long time i guess, and that very Nadine funny drawing :))

    i'm in for CLOUD my dear, looking at some this very moment but expecting sunshine later on, xx

  6. oh my boys LOVE the films. :) count me in for clouds, dear Nadine

  7. a very cute and funny monster - I love the colors and the letters very much!

  8. henry doesnt like those little green aliens in toy story...hahaha.
    i think yours are pretty cute and your words are pretty funny.
    you know, the kids monsters do look like those from monsters inc, but hen has never seen it. greta maybe was inspired by the big guy...

    cloud. thank you for hosting next week!

  9. I like your sketchbook monster sooo much, im my colours an I realy love to take part with cloud. On monday, how does ist works?

  10. Hi, I like your drawing a lot, I think this one would be a great compagnon to my monster.

  11. Ahhh... my favorites are Monsters Inc and The Incredibles :)

    p.s. fab alien!